Sunday, October 17, 2004

Paul Bettany Hates Me

Last weekend Christian and I saw the movie Wimbledon—a cute little tennis movie which is just a little better than you think it’ll be. This depends on your expectations, of course. Seeing it reminded me that tennis is the only sport I like to watch and it re-invigorated my “Wimbledon kick” which happens about every 3 years when someone we know travels to Europe, invites us to visit them just to be polite, and I take it seriously and start searching the web for tickets to Wimbledon. It will blow over soon. Anyway, the movie is noteworthy for its clever opening credits sequence (not as good as Spiderman!) where the names are volleyed back and forth, you know like a tennis ball. See it if you want to—I don’t really care. What I do care about is Paul Bettany—or I did. And watching the tall and talented actor in this movie was a pleasure. I didn’t like the whole Paul Bettany/Kirsten Dunst relationship (which, I suppose, one could argue IS the whole movie) but if you are some kind of leach and think a man of Paul Bettany’s age would/should actually go for someone Kirsten Dunst’s age you might find it very encouraging.

What, exactly, are their ages? Good question. That’s what I wanted to know so I went to to find out. Kirsten Dunst: 22 years old. Perfect for all the little Spiderman dudes to be in love with Mary Jane. Paul Bettany: 32 years old. With the good sense in REAL life to be married to Jennifer Connelly, one year his elder. Yes. That seems right. Good for him. But wait. What’s this under the “Personal Quotes” section of his page?

“The world is split into two kinds of people, those who would go out for a drink with John Lennon, and those who'd choose Paul McCartney....After the Beatles came back from India, Lennon wrote Happiness Is a Warm Gun and McCartney wrote Ob-La-Di. End of argument.”

Now, it’s not like I walk around all day having imaginary conversations with Paul Bettany or anything crazy like that, but doesn’t this seem like a direct reference to one of my first blogs? I really think Paul Bettany is trying to make me look stupid.


  1. Hey this segment from The Village: “So it’s pretty likely he spit in my sandwich. More likely? He dabbed it with his bloody cotton ball. It still tasted good though because it had been like 40 minutes since I’d eaten the 3 dollar peanut butter cup.” Really did it for me! Do you mind if I link you to my site? Most people I don’t even ask, I just go ahead and do it. But you’ve always been so polite I thought I’d try a little blog etiquette! Anyway either way its up to you. Oh and as if I really gotta say this – Lennon, no Yoko, but still Lennon! As if you didn’t already know that…

  2. Of course, Fromage. Unless this is some scheme you and Paul Bettany cooked up to make me look stupid.

  3. Kacy, did I leave my hammer at your house? I can not seem to find it, its got a blue handle?
    PS, I am not sure how to delete that jerk Emilys post, mine had a garbage can by her name.

  4. Well, actually after reading Cameron’s blog I’m sorta scared to link up to any of you Utahans! “Man-boobs”? “I’m on the toilet at work, blogging”? And I thought the people in my community were a tad off! How on earth do you think with this kinda wayward verbiage floating around that you’d look anywhere near stupid? Sneaky Mr. Bettany’s antics aside, I’ve actually got your back here. So Ok, Linked we be!

  5. Kacy, never mind, I found my hammer.

    How come everyone is down on me for having blogged on the toilet?

    Actually what I really want to know is what is so wrong with a 32 year old dating a 22 year old? Or a 21, 20 or 19 year old? You make me feel like a dirty old man.

  6. Well Cameron, I guess you feel like a dirty old man because you are a dirty old man. I'm just guessing.

  7. it just occured to me that those songs john & paul composed were eerily prophetic because...well, we know about john and guns, and for paul, life DID go on (lalalala life goes on), so maybe they just got a lot of insight while in india and those two examples are not really an indication...oh, man, I am tired an rambly.


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