Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Revealing and Thought-Provoking

In order to keep my audience captive I realize I need to reveal things about myself that are fascinating. I also need to ask thought-provoking questions.The sort that make you go "hmmm." So here is something I've been thinking about lately. What is the lamest music you can admit to liking? I asked someone in my ward this question and he made an excellent point. He emphasized the fact that all of male country is lame (and admitted to liking it) except Dwight Yoakam who could not (by any stretch of the imagination) be said to be "lame." What male country figure is as cool as Dwight? (Lyle Lovett? But real male country doesn't really claim him.) At any rate, as most of you know the answer to this question for me is Barry Manilow. I truly appreciate just how lame he is but my love and admiration for him as a musician will never waiver. If this makes me lame by association I accept it. Those 3 verses and a key change are transcribed on my heart. Admit it! You love Mandy too!

Another thought-provoking question is this: What is the coolest music that you know you should like but don't? It has taken me 30 years to be able to admit this, but I really don't like jazz. I hate it. Fusion? Spare me the 50 hours of jamming and that goes for you too, Sting. I do like Blues, don't get me wrong.

And the band that I know everyone who is "smart" and "cool" worships but I really can not get into? Yes, I'm talking about Radiohead. Sorry. Even though Michael Stipe thinks Radiohead is so good it hurts him. Not me. But I do like other cool things, which I will not defend here. I don't want to leave the impression that all I do is spurn Radiohead and listen to Barry Manilow. But I would, if those were my 2 choices. I confess. I might lie about it to Michael Stipe if he asked though, maybe not. Would he respect me more for my honesty?

One last thing that has taken a long time to admit. I really do like Paul better than John. I know that John is edgier, perhaps even cooler and all that Paul has to recommend him is the fact that he is so much more adorable than John but he really is my favorite. And I like his songs better. I am a 32 year old woman and I can just say it. That is not to say that I don't like John, because I do. Maybe it's the pathos of Paul's later life and the whole one-footed woman thing that made me really fall for him so decidedly. At least I'm cool enough to know that John was cooler, but I don't care, and that's what makes me cool, right? (Like Marge Simpson.) Enough! I feel naked with all this self-revelation. (Isn't it compelling reading?)


  1. Dwight Yoakam is all right, but Johnny Cash is better. As for Manilow, no I can't admit it. I don't think it is true, but even if it were, I couldn't admit it. Jazz? We agree. Radiohead? Sorry to admit that I am too old to know the band. And I think you're right about Paul and John.

  2. I remember well staying up until 3am listening to Barry Manilow. I would have to agree that he is cool. I really do not like country music. I tried to like it. I even had the radio stations in my car programmed to it. The only group that I can really stand is the Dixie Chicks but I saw them in concert so it doesn't count. I always like groups if I see them in concert. Oh, and I like George Straight because of that movie "Pure Country". He's just cute in it. I don't care about his movie - just that he is cute. Haven't listened to Radiohead. Or I might have, but I am very out of it these days. :) Paul - definitely, Paul. But I was always made fun of for liking Peter from The Monkees.

  3. PS - You must already know about U2's new album? Love the new song "Vertigo". It makes me dizzy with excitement. :)

  4. So, Kacy, my library book for this week is boring me ("Say You're One of Them"), so I decided to read you rblog from thr beginning for reading time instead. This post did not disappoint.

    I am kind of ashaned at how much I still genuinely enjoy ABBA. And James Taylor. And Elton John. I love Dwight Yoakum but detest 99% of all country music. I've tried--I can't. Patsy, Johnny, Willie, Texas, Lone Justice....yes, please. Everybody else: prolly a big no thanks. And I am with you Radiohead. I don't get it. I tried.

  5. PS: I am with you on Paul, too. How can you resist that pie face, even at 70 years old. I saw him at the grocery store in Tucson once. He was with Linda and I was having a Very Serious Beatles phase at age fifteen (1986) so it was magical. I nearly died.

    John was a stinking bloody hippie. But cool and gifted, yes. Did you read about teh Beatles in Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers"? Amazing.


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