Friday, November 19, 2004

Regarding What I Should Read

I should have told you this before but I do consider recommendations on what to read expressions of love or at least concern for my well-being and happiness. Perhaps it was unfair of me not to tell you that before, but thank you, thank you for the out pouring of love and concern for my well-being and happiness. Please feel free to continue to suggest books for me to read. I mean, Doug Fabrizio and Diane Rehm do it all the time and they have no idea what it means to me.

This is actually turning into quite a fascinating little experiment. There is a certain distinction between the books recommended by people who know me in real life and the people who have never met me but know my blog persona, or blogona. For example, a few people who know me via my blog have recommended the book Trainspotting. When this movie came out many years ago my older sister told me that it was very cool, but warned me not to see it because it would be too much for me. I took her advice and never saw it, intrigued though I was. Now I am even more intrigued. Of course, I’m assuming the movie is similar to the book and we all know that’s not always the case but what about this story could be “too much” for me? And why do my blog friends think I am tough enough to “handle” this Scottish tale when my sister did not? Who is right? Should I read the book to find out? Or would that just cause problems? Suppose I read it and love it and it’s not too much for me—what then? My sister would definitely be devastated that she misjudged me and that my blog friends actually know me better. And what if I read it and it is too much for me? Would you, my well-intentioned blogmates, be sad? THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME!

Anyway, I will be going to the library soon with a big old list of what to read. Can't wait. Let's continue to talk about books and make suggestions of what to read. Then we should discuss the books. Just post your comment about the book because who really wants to have an actual discussion? I mean, isn’t the fun part telling everyone what you thought about the book? Then just scroll through everyone else’s comments (reading them is optional). Fun. This will make my blog seem more literary. But, just in case it gets too literary, I will mention the T.V. shows I watch regularly:
1) The Office (HBO). If you watch this, tell me. We will talk about it.
2) The West Wing--So what if it’s over-written? Don’t you wish our real president were just a little more over-written? This show does mess me up a little. By that I mean I have a hard time remembering what is reality. But this slight con is far outweighed by the positive effects of being able to match real-life political figures with their West Wing counterparts. “Oh, so that person is Leo in real life. Wow! He’s important.” This is like when I realized that Christian’s grandpa was the same thing in the army that Colonel Potter was. It’s impressive when you think about it like that.
3) The Apprentice--and if you don’t watch it you just won’t understand. I didn’t, until a few weeks ago when Christian started to Tivo it.
4) Rebel Billionaire--Strange and not well done, it’s only worth watching for it’s bizarre Austin-Powers like host and Utah-"Love Sac" mogul contestant. I guess I just feel bad for never watching American Idol and supporting Carmen like I should have.

Oh, and I also watch Gilmore Girls, but apparently this is lame so I don’t want to make a big deal about it.


  1. Since I care about and love you so much, I have to withdraw my mention of "A Child Called It" as a possible book. Don't read it. It will upset you far too much. SO glad to hear that you have started to watch the Apprentice. Now we can talk about it.

  2. Watching the Gilmore Girls is not lame (although I find myself defending it frequently). It is the ultimate exersize in pop-culture-reference-recognition. It is fabulous.

  3. I am actually one of those people that you don’t believe that say ‘I don’t watch TV’ and I can clarify this by saying that I watch DVD’s via Netflix on my TV and last year I actually followed the ‘Sopranos’ on HBO for the whole season and almost got it, but for the most part I agree with the graffiti outside on the walls of my building that says: “Kill Yo TV” – Ah, urbane social commentary at it’s best - Brilliant!

    Read, read, read! There is no such thing as some words being too much for you! Acceptance, understanding, experience, just to name a few of the things attained by delving in another’s lifestyle and ideas.

    Oh, and much love to you - literally and illiterately…

  4. Are you the type of person who wants company to watch a "difficult" movie, or is that for alone time? I want to see Trainspotting, but have not yet found the right circumstances. Maybe I need to be alone... My interest is primarily recognizing places I've been. Supposedly, it was filmed in Muirhouse, Edinburgh where I served. If you want to watch it alone let me borrow it when you are done. Also...I've seen the "scariest toilet in Edinburgh." Ain't pretty...

  5. Anonymous8:29 PM

    "Crazy Ladies" by Michael West - a woman - a southern woman - like "Secret Life" and "Ya Ya" - a bizarre first chapter that somehow works as the basis for the story. I'm reading "The Story Factor" - non-fiction - wade through the verbiage for some good stories. Also "The Jew Store" It's non-fiction, but reads better than fiction. It is also southern woman regional writing.

  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Hannah says I should post anonymously - she thinks I can't figure out how to do it all with my name - but it's me, Barbara T. - I posted the stuff about "Crazy Ladies"

  7. I LOVE "The Office"... more than that... I LOVE Ricky Garvias. He is my British TV star crush. I love him... and that scares me a little. Anyway... I've only seen the first season because I own it on DVD and do not have HBO because I am a poor starving student. But we can still talk about it right? :D

  8. As you can see, I've been spreading the blog gospel, even to my own dear mother, the queen of books.

  9. Have you ever seen the show MONK? I’ve seen like, three episodes and found them hilarious.

    Post Script:
    I hereby dibs the right to blog about the fireside that occurred last night, and all relating subjects.

  10. Ok. You can blog about the fireside. But I don't know what you'll say about it other than that it was very spiritual and good.

    I like that guy who plays Monk. You never told us the name of the girl on Slim Goodbody. I'm waiting.

  11. Perhaps watching "Trainspotting" would be like when my friend dragged me to see "Pulp Fiction". He had seen it and said, "It's really really good - and you'll hate yourself for watching it, because you really will think it is good." He was right. It was good - but that was about 10 years ago and some of it is still stuck in my head, which is not good. Although I am happy that it revived John Travolta's career. :)


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