Thursday, December 09, 2004

What I Like and What I Don't Like

10. I don't like to eat candy canes. When I was little I was convinced they gave me gas. As a rule I don't talk about gas but in this context I think it's endearing.
9. I like how those gross white or pink peppermint lozenges don't even try to pass as candy but instead market themselves as "lozenges." Who was the ad wizard behind that? I don't like lozenges unless they are laced with codeine.
8. I like the ideology The Ramones embrace--not for myself, but for them.
7. I like how boys (what I really mean is boyish young men's leaders,) (what I really mean is Brother Conlee and Byron Stout,) just turn their shirts inside out when they spill on them. Brilliant! I've been wasting so much time on laundry.
6. I don't like how my mouth feels after I drink hot chocolate. That said, I like hot chocolate so it is worth it to me.
5. I like Christmas. In particular, I like the commercialization of Christmas.
4. I like being cold and getting warm. I don't like anything about being hot or cooling off.
3. I like my kids, but I don't like getting up early because of them. In fact, I resent it. I like good moms like me. I don't like selfish, slothful people.
2. I like ordering the "Humongous Swig" from the Drive-thru Crest on 9th east. I like it because doing it keeps me humble. Very, very humble.
1. I like ice-skating. I didn't used to: cold. painful. not fun. Now I realize it all depends on who you go with. Slow, clumsy people who think they can beat me are best.


  1. Kacy,
    I like this post. I don't like candy canes at all! Blech.

  2. You know what goes well with a pink mint "lozenge"? A nice bag of circus peanuts, chased down with a handful of spice drops.

    Yes, I like all the gross candies. Especially Necco wafers.

  3. And you call yourself a super-taster.

  4. I LOVE candy canes!! I could eat them every day, all year long. I think. As it is, I eat (at least) one every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas. And usually after Christmas I continue to eat them. For that matter, I eat them before Thanksgiving whenever they're available.

    That said, I don't like most candy. In fact, I really don't like candy at all. Unless it's chocolate (Riesens, Almond Joy and Mounds need not apply. Nor need Tootsie Rolls, if you can call that chocolate). Real chocolate and candy canes. The large ones are best--I do NOT like non-peppermint ones--and, as Matt pointed out, the green-red-and-white peppermint ones are definitely not as good as the red-and-white ones.

    I wonder what you ate at the same time as candy canes when you were little that actually did give you gas. Because that's what I'm assuming was the case, since candy canes don't normally give people gas.

    While we're talking about likes, I like the line in "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" that goes "You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel." My second favorite line in the song is "You nauseate me, Mr. Grinch, with a nauseous super naus."

    While we're talking about LOVES, the only thing I love more than candy canes is Christmas. And my husband, who doesn't count as a "thing," really, so never mind. Also, I guess I love a lot of other things at other times of year, such as the beach, suntans, etc., so those loves only count for winter.

    I've had the same problem as you have with hot chocolate--the weird mouth feeling. The only thing that bothers me more about hot chocolate (there are only 2 things that bother me about it) is when I try to sip it when it's not at a sippable temperature yet, and then the tip of my tongue has an uncomfortable burned feeling for several hours.

    Speaking of candy canes and hot chocolate, candy canes melted in hot chocolate is good.

  5. Please pardon me for that lengthy, lengthy comment. I realized once I posted that I should have just blogged all that on my own blog. Oh well, better luck next time.

  6. I like knowing a person's likes & dislikes.

  7. I agree completly about the hot chocolate. What a price we pay! Incidentally, I, too, am a good mom. And a judgemental mom!

  8. Hey, I may be slow and clumsy, but, uh... what was the third thing you said?

  9. Concerning the 8th: We both know I would have written a blog if you and your fellow hooligans hadn’t been using my computer for your various schemes, and since you commented on my blog, I don’t have to write a new one for at least a week.

    Sorry, dems da rules.

  10. Anonymous11:14 PM

    I tried commenting as "a different user," but since I'm not a different user, it wouldn't let me. But--for obvious, legal reasons--I'd rather not use my real name or even my nom de plume (since it is the same as my real name).

    As for like #9: I won't be called a guzzler, but I will take credit for introducing you to codiene laced lozenges. But surely not all of your bad habits come from in-laws!

  11. "Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?" So obviously a quote from the Jerry Seinfeld episode of Saturday Night Live back in the day. (Or is it a quote from somewhere else?....)


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