Monday, March 07, 2005

It's Been a While Since I Blogged--Here's Why

I got so busy reading other people's blogs that I lost track of time and forgot about my own blog. I also threw up a few days ago because I had the flu, or a cold, or just needed some attention. It wasn't worth it because I hate vomiting. If you think I might hate vomiting because I make loud, ghastly retching noises when I throw up let me assure you--I don't. I throw up as quietly as I possibly can. It just wouldn't be right for me to describe how Carly throws up. So I won't. (See above.)
To those of you who read my blog occasionally, I feel like I owe you an explanation. So here are the top 10 reasons why I haven't blogged for so long.

10. I am paralyzed by dread in anticipation of the the next item on my "To Do" list which is a bulletin board at the church featuring a calendar and highlighting one of the young women. I spent the last 6 months parceling out the jobs I hate, like the budget--and bulletin board--to the YW secretary. She was recently released right out from under me as a cruel joke to see if I could 1) Do math (the budget) and 2) Think of a cute March border (the bulletin board). Long story short: I can't.

9. My son got his tonsils out. Actually, that was a few weeks ago and I have blogged since then but it could be the case that he got them out and I have not left his side even to blog. Even though I have.

8. I've been pretending to watch Power Rangers Dino Thunder with my son and falling asleep on the couch. It's what parenting experts like to call "mutually beneficial."

7. I remodeled my bathroom. By that I mean, Christian remodeled our bathroom. And by that I mean, Christian started to remodel our bathroom in November, but never finished it because he is busy and because he cut into the wall exposing an important pipe so for Valentine's Day he hired a handyman in my ward to come over and finish it this week. And so while I did not actually remodel my bathroom, I couldn't very well sit at the computer blogging all day (as is my usual custom) with a guy from my ward looking over my shoulder.

6. I've decided to devote more time to online shopping. Before blogging, most of my computer time was spent shopping online. I have really neglected it since I started blogging. Over the last few weeks I've really been trying to get back into it. I need balance. Do you think $30 is too much to pay for a 15x15 magnetic dry erase board from The Container Store? Because I need 4 of them. (They are colored. You're going to pay more for colored--there's just no way around it.)

5. I used to blog while watching 24 but it's getting down to the wire and that's just not an option anymore.

4. I decided that I'm ready. I started Fast Food Nation a few days ago. I feel a change coming on. I'm on page 10 and I've eaten at McDonalds twice but still. . . So the reading cuts into the blogging time.

3. I'm trying to increase the value of my blogs by writing fewer of them.

2. I've become compulsive about fitness.

1. I'm lazy.


  1. I really wish you would have consulted me before publishing a graphic description of my vomitting practices on the international internet. And, if you are insinuating that I make noise to get attention, you are right. I LOVE attention from throwing up.

  2. I can stop holding my breath now. I was scared that the novelty of blogging had worn off a bit, and you had moved on to something cooler, more hip.

    Some comments, a bulletin board at the church actually sounds kind of fun. Do you still need help? I'm available.

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder did WONDERS for Todd's and my relationship...

    Don't stop eating fast food until you take me to Artic Circle for fish and chips.

  3. Carly… would you have been happier if Kacy kept it to a meta frame internet… is it the international internet that bothers you?

    Kacy… I think if you are not blogging on-line shopping is the net best thing you could be doing.

  4. When I was YW Pres. I didn't even think about the budget - maybe because my husband was the bishop and he said yes to every request!! And I love doing bulletin boards - I wish I was your neighbor - I'd do them for you! (It must be the teacher in me - but the bulletin boards in my class are not too exciting.) And if I was your neighbor, I probably wouldn't be the R.S. Pres.,so I would have time to help you. (and as R.S.Pres., even with a non-husband bishop, I don't seem to worry about the budget!!)

  5. It’s a sad day in mudville and we’ve all struck-out when the mighty Kacy hangs up her blogging bat!

  6. You're comment about Christian cutting an important pipe reminded me of that scene in the movie Brazil where Robert DeNiro plays a renegade maintenance man who does home repairs without the proper paperwork. I wonder if your ward handyman looks anything like DeNiro, and if he had the proper paperwork.

  7. I really enjoyed this post, and the comments too. For some reason the meta-frame comment and the sad day in mudville/mighty Kacy comment made me laugh the most...

    The sound of somebody vomiting is, without competition, my LEAST favorite sound.

  8. Funny that Carrie mentioned the Arctic Circle fish n' chips...ever since you mentioned your fish n' chips craving several months back, I've had one. But I don't want to go alone. Ordering a delicious meal like that and then eating it alone sounds so pathetic. (And mind you, alone is not what it used to be. It's "alone" with 3 children crying over broken, missing toys in kids meals!)


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