Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gratitude Journal--The Wherewithal (or "Dye Your Hair")

Yes, yes--I've been uncharacteristically grateful lately but I simply must add this one to my gratitude journal. Last night at Young Women another leader who is probably plus or minus about 50 years old told me that her apparently golden brown hair is really pure white. Pure white? "Gordon B. Hinckley white?" I asked. Gandalf the White, white? I privately reflected. (OK, so I think about Gandalf and his transformation to White A LOT. What's the big deal! Shut up.) "Yes," she said. Her hair is naturally (and prematurely) that white.

As I marveled at the importance of hair color and one's personal appearance and self-image I just barely kept myself from blurting out, "Whoa. If I saw you with white hair I would think you were like 100 years old!" Indeed, I had the wherewithal not to say that. And I am grateful.

Instead I said, "If I saw you with your white hair it would really freak me out." And I don't think there's anything wrong with that because it's totally true.


  1. Good job on your tact. I am fascinated by hair color. For about half my life I was into coloring my hair REALLY blonde. Then a little while ago, I started thinking about how people probably look better with just their natural color---because isn't that the color we are supposed to have and would probably compliment our skin the most. That is the natural phase I have been in lately.

    But now I am starting to wonder if some people (like this Gandalf woman) really do look better with a hair color that is not natural. This thought came to me while watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And thinking about my grandmother, whose hair, thanks to Miss Clairol, is still dark brown, which is probably why I think of her as younger than most grandmothers.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I think about hair more than is probably normal. Should I grow mine out? cut it shorter? color it? BTW I thought you hair was really cute when I saw you, I meant to comment on it but was too busy trying to explain my chipped nails.

  2. Do you know Tom Taylor? If not you need to meet him. His hair is pretty much pure white. It turned that way when his lovely wife had a stroke a few years ago.

    I always try to be the biggest Kacy fan and post first, but someone always beats me, and that really cheeses me off. This afternoon or evening I think I'll finally bring that ska cd over.

  3. I seem to recall that you said you once date Ska Bob. Is this right? He posts regularly on a forum on which I also spend a lot of time. I was going to ask him about you, but I couldn't remember your maiden name.

  4. I think a lot about Gandalf's transformation a lot, too. One thing I wish the LOTR movies would show is how Saruman the White stopped being white and started being Saruman the Technicolor dream wizard. That's why reading the books is worth it. Oh, and congrats on having the wherewithal. Nice move.

  5. In my family we call it the "7 second delay button" - like what they use when broadcasting radio programs to delete any bad words that might slip out of an interveiwee's (pretty sure that wasn't a real word...but you know what I mean) mouth.

    Sometimes my 7 second delay button is broken and I say things like "That's a pretty wall hanging, Carrie. Is that one of your great finds from DI?" To which her response was, "I saved my pennies for a long time to buy that at Anthropologie." Whoops. ...At least I said it was pretty...

    I, too, congratulate you on your tact. Bravo!

  6. I must comment that when people say something is "pure white" I call their motives into question (privately, not out loud). What on this earth, really, is "pure white"? Nothing. Maybe, like, Mike TV's jumpsuit. It's such a cheesy phrase. A girl at work the other day was telling me about a skirt she bought that's "pure white." Come on now.

    That said, I find it interesting that the lady with "pure white" hair dyes it. I think white hair is great. Most people have trouble achieving "pure white" with hair (hence the blue-tinged locks and/or wigs I always see on old people around here) so if I were her I'd celebrate the pure whiteness. If she's only 50 maybe she could still pull off sort of a Marilyn Monroe/Gwen Stefani look.

  7. I would TOTALLY have white hair.

    My grandma has really COOL white hair. I hope I get that...

    My own hair reflections:

    I'm starting to go gray...I 30. Do I take the chance that I will go completely gray, like white! or will it be gross mousy brown with straggly gray like the lady I saw at Macy's last night? (I almost dropped a box of Ferria in her cart as a hint)

    Should I be like Sister Wantanabe in St Louis and dye my hair black except for a white blaze ala Cruella Deville?

    Diane Rehm has the AWESOMEST white hair and she's only 50 something, and gorgeous, and really knows how to accessorize AND look really interested while she interviews people.

    If I have white hair do I have to wear white shoess? Gandolf did, and people in the temple do, and all white with white shoes is irksome...

  8. I'm supposed to be writing a paper, but instead I'm rereading blogs.


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