Monday, April 11, 2005

Tongue-Tied and Twisted--A Little About Pink Floyd

Before we go any further let me say that I think "Tongue-Tied and Twisted" is a very good title for a blog (not just a post) so if you are starting a blog and need a title feel free to use that. Now, on to the matter at hand. As you may or may not know, I could do a "music post" every day and be quite satisfied. But (I have been told) some people find them boring so I hold myself back. Today I did not intend to do a music post but in line (here if I were trying to sound like an easterner I might say "on line," but I'm not) at Walmart (here if I were trying to sound like a southerner I might say "Piggily Wiggily," but I'm not--look: I is what I is and that is only slightly ashamed to shop at corporate tycoon but low-priced Walmart) I had a momentary lapse of reason. That is, I bought the Pink Floyd CD I've been wanting and hoping that--oh I don't know--Fattooth--might give me.

Dude, Pink Floyd rocks. So after I bought the CD I hatched a plan. I decided it would be super awesome to listen to my new CD while going through the car wash. Here it seems important to insert that I don't do drugs and have never done drugs (ever). What the freakazoid was I thinking? Here it seems important to insert that it was super awesome listening to my new CD in the car wash.

Granted, there are a lot of really long boring Pink Floyd songs. But there are many more great cool ones. There are so many fun things to consider with Pink Floyd. There's the whole Syd Barrett/Roger Waters/David Gilmour discussion and the more practical question of how itchy it would be for Bob Geldof to grow his eye brows back out. Alas, this is where it gets boring for people who don't dig it. Comment at will. But I will say the ability of a boy with webbed feet to play the the sax solo on "Terminal Frost" is what won me over and led me to break the first cardinal rule of dating, which is "No Webbed Feet."

So's anyway, as I was listening to "The Dogs of War" (which would be an awesome campaign song for George Bush, by the way--har har. If only he were Jed Bartlett I could be more loyal) and in my foot-stomping, steering wheel thumping, "bam ba bow ba bow" singing glory I had a startling realization and it was this: I like reading teenage boys blogs because, in many ways, I am a teenage boy. My last saving feminine grace was that instead of Red Bull I was drinking a Diet Coke with lime. Wa-Shoo!

When I ejected the CD I heard on the radio. . . The Cars! Don't get me started on them. I won their tape on the radio when I was little. Where are you, Cars? I guess once you marry Paulina Porizkova you don't really have to try anymore. Too bad. Well, there's really no sensation to compare with this suspended animation-a state of bliss. It's weird but I can't keep my mind from the circling sky. Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I. (Just to reiterate, I don't do drugs.)


  1. I thought the first cardinal rule of dating that you broke was "No Glass Eyes."

  2. Well, I have been holding off commenting because I saw that TSHNP has been trying to be first. But now that Carly has commented I will go ahead and add mine:

    I love and miss Piggly Wiggly. And I love your super awesome plan.

  3. Alex and I were trying to think of good band names today and we thought that "Kacy and the Bloggers" would be a good one. Start a band.

  4. Don't tell me you don't do drugs, Miss Cat Valium.

  5. Could have fooled me? Where'd you say you got that Diet Coke with Lime? From the same guy who sells homemade absinthe? Maybe Diet Coke with Absinthe?

    No, I'm diggin' on the Pink Floyd. I'm just not sure I would have thought to go through the car wash with're SO imaginative...for a teetotaller.

  6. I think you posted this just to pull me out of lurk mode. I don't even know where we keep our cds anymore. You should have reminded me and I (or Carrie Ann) would have found it and ripped it, though I'm sure the riaa would have come down on me faster than you can say "My grubby halo, a vapor trail in the empty air". The riaa is the "man" and not in the good way. Where are all the comments that say MLoR is in their top 5 albums of all time? Here's one.
    Its in my top 5 albums of all time. Maybe even top 3. Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" and Def Leppard's "Hysteria" have got to be up there as well.

  7. For some reason I pictured you going through the carwash listening to Pink Floyd in a red convertible with the top down. It looked kind of like a Coke commercial in my head... And I'm only drinking Sierra Mist Free (I think that means "diet"). I haven't even taken my codeine tonight...yet...

  8. Tell me about it fattooth--I had planned on doing a Def Leppard post but how could I escape the irresistable grasp of MLoR? For all of you who don't hate my music posts, stay tuned for my homage to one-armed drummers.

    Carly: and I never even got to hold the eye. (Of course nowadays For the Strength of Youth prohibits that anyway.)

  9. I would SO join your band called "Kacy and the Bloggers" I play a MEAN tamborine.

  10. OK. I'm starting a band today.

  11. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Don't do drugs? What about those codeine "sucrets" that you scored in France and have arranged for a time or two since? I think you need to deal with your own reality better, perhaps a Twelve-Step program of some kind is in order?

  12. Very well observed, anonymous. You deserve a more specific explanation: I have never done recreational non-over the counter drugs.

    Note to self: Keep bloggers out of my medicine cabinet.


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