Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So You'd Like to Read a Book On NPR

No one even asked about my free advance copy of Public Radio Behind the Voices on my sidebar. Don't you look at my sidebar? Christian works hard to maintain that! I was all, "I won't tell anyone about my advance copy of Public Radio Behind the Voices but people will see it on my sidebar and start asking questions." Well, it's obvious that you feel too intimidated to ask me about it so I'll just tell you what happened one day a few months ago that would change the course of my life forever.

One day a few months ago I received an e-mail with the subject heading, "How would you like to read a book on NPR?" Read a book on NPR? I can't read a book on NPR--I HATE my voice! I wonder what book they want me to read and why. Doug Fabrizio has probably caught wind of my blog and now he wants me to read a book on NPR. I had just about decided that I probably couldn't do it because I have a speech impediment when I realized that sometimes when people say "on" they mean "about."

You see, a book publicist googled "I love NPR" and found my blog. She offered me an advance copy of Public Radio Behind the Voices so I could read it and talk about it on my blog. I'm lovin' the fanciness of basically having a publicist and reading a book before all the dumb bums even know it's available. (I wonder if I should have run that last sentence past my publicist.) And if the table of contents is any indication, this book really looks like something special.

It's actually a great book and it comes with pictures of everyone you hear all the time on NPR. It's so shocking to see some of them! I was especially shocked when I found out Ira Flato spells his name F-l-a-t-o-w. I knew Diane Rehm was foxy but her serious hotness always suprises me because of her ugly voice problem (also known as spasmodic dysphonia). Here take a looksee:
Not that old, not bedraggled, no throat hole--and I mean that as a compliment.

I really liked reading the profiles of public radio's treasured personalities because I'm obsessed with the personal lives of lots of people I don't know very well (like NPR folks, other people's parents, and Timothy Treadwell). Nevertheless, I think even if I weren't totally obsessed with NPR I would still like it.

Even though I got a free copy of this book I feel like I can be fair and impartial--there is something that bothers me about it. I sort of hate it because reading it makes me jealous. Everyone on NPR is so cool and has such a great job and they have these quaint stories of how they ended up on public radio. (Except for Jackie Lyden who kind of seems like a jerk because when one of her students asked her for a reference to apply for a job at a radio station she told him not to apply and then she took the job for herself. But at least she tells us the truth about how it happened and the student was probably just some dumb bum.)

I read this book very closely and--in case you are wondering as I was--not a dang single one of them launched their career in public radio by writing blogs about reading a book on public radio. But blogs were not invented then so I am not discouraged.

I guess it's time to move on to my next book. Send me something for free and I will read it. I really prefer hard-core sorcery and discussions on/stories about super heroes but I hate myself for saying so. It's so much more fun to make fun of those people than to be one of those people.


  1. Have you ever seen "Being John Malkovich"? Wait a minute - of course you have.

    I've never known you to have a speech impediment - is this something you have acquired lately?

  2. Oh, and I don't read your sidebar. I go straight to your new posts and hardly ever go to your main page. So that is why I didn't know about this.

  3. I would consider anything about Timothy Treadwell as being a discussion about a superhero and involving hard core sorcery.

  4. I'm so jealous! I was just listening to Diane Rehm on the way home....thinking, "how old is she, because from her voice I'd think she's about 75."

  5. From Diane Rehm's voice I'd guess she's closer to 175. Matt always makes fun of her and I always feel bad and tell him to stop making fun of the super-old lady. I'd never seen a picture of her but you're right, she is one Foxy Lady. That's no radio face. I am impressed. And I'm sending him that picture right now.

    And, I am a sidebar-reader and I was mildly curious about your advance copy of whatever but obviously not enough to ask about it. I'm mildly sorry I didn't--only mildly because look, now you've blogged about it and I'm no longer curious!

  6. I have seen Diane Rehm in person at an event about three years ago. I was also stunned at her beauty, both inside and out. Her voice was strong that night as she had just had her steroid shot which relieves the spasm.

    I love NPR.

  7. If anyone can launch a career in blogging, trust me, it will be you. I confess that I hardly listen to NPR but when I do I always love it. I'll have to make a note to listen more.

  8. With the exception of the "Car Guys" and Michael Feldman's "What da ya know", I find most of NPR reporting rather bias and rather hard to listen too. Could be that I am an average middle aged white guy with conservative views, but I find them entirely too "progressive" for my taste.
    I will agree with you on one thing, bring on the superhumans!

  9. What I really wanted to know about your book was if there was a picture of Sneekt Apricosh, because, honestly, I am fascinated. But I went to npr.org and looked her up, so as to spell her name (what letter does her last name start with? a? no. d? no. p? bingo.)

    Anyway, now I totally know what Snigdha Prakash looks like, so my curiosity is satiated. Thanks, though.

  10. BriGuyNPR9:37 PM

    Yeah, Diane Rehm is really hot in many ways--you've got to love a bright, witty, beautiful woman like her. I used to volunteer at the Park City NPR station and they had B&W headshots of a lot of NPR talent. Some surprised me (Terri Gross) some did not (Carl Cassel). I miss Diane Rehm and Doug Fabrizio now that I live in MN. I've noticed a lot of RadioWest repeats...is he just taking a lot of vacation days or is something up?

  11. Anonymous6:30 PM

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  12. I love, love, love NPR. Obsessed with NPR. Thrilled that since I got an iPod I can carry around NPR and listen whenever I want. I want to read a book on NPR. Nina Totenburg is my home girl.

  13. I actually Googled "Love NPR" and that is how I found your site as well. I am not trying to be spammy, but I feel like I made a really cool NPR radio player and this is my attempt to let people know about it. It is at:


    Take Care,

    -Keith A

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