Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Other People's Lives Seem More Interesting Cuz They Ain't Mine

If you are "tagged" by one of those blogging list things is it rude to just ignore it? I noticed that Lisa of OhJudy mentioned me in her 7s list and I was thinking that I don't have 7 things to say but then I read this article about how Paul McCartney and Heather Mills broke up and I was struck by how much the beautiful but apparently demanding Heather Mills (McCartney) looks like the beautiful but apparently two-legged Lisa Clark. I was happy for Paul when he and Heather got together even though it seemed a little soon after Linda's death. I was happy because Heather had a fake leg. I really liked the idea of Paul with a much younger but disabled woman. Too bad. I'm sure Paul Bettany couldn't care less.

Well, here's the 7 things thing. It will help me get a little closer to my 100 things thing goal that I set last year.

7 Things I want to Do Before I Die
1. Harness the power of hover technology for my own amusement
2. Ride a dog
3. Beam
4. Radiate
5. Invest
6. Divest [enemies]
7. Have cute feet

7 Things I Cannot Do
1. Make rice crispy treats
2. Imagine Paul Bettany naked with tan lines
3. Determine whether I am alto or soprano
4. Write bubble letters
5. Work hard for very long
6. Pay attention to boring, stupid stuff
7. Figure percentages

7 Things That Attracted Me to My Spouse
1. His parents
2. His patriarchal blessing--guaranteed to makes lots of money
3. His valor
4. His pallor
5. His niceness
6. His smarts
7. His funniness

7 Things I Say Often
1. Pagination
2. Hooters
3. Unique New York
4. Stop licking me
5. Participation in this church is voluntary
6. Pass the vino
7. As soon as X files is over

7 Books I Could Read Over and Over
1. The Yellow House Mystery
2. A Wrinkle in Time
3. A Prayer for Owen Meany
4. Not John Adams
5. Eating a cookie (that's an action not a book--but I could do it over and over)
6. The Dancing Wu Li Masters (I could. I haven't.)
7. Anything with subtitles.

7 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
1. The Godfather
2. The Professional
3. All the President's Men
4. West Side Story
5. Top Hat
6. Unstrung Heroes
7. Rattle and Hum

7 People I Think Should do "7"
1. Paul Bettany
2. Heather Mills
3. Paul McCartney--especially since he has a birthday coming up. Happy birthday Paul!!!
4. John Lennon (He doesn't even know who Paul Bettany is.)
5. The Godfather (Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, or Marlon Brando would be fine)
6. Rita Moreno (she had a crazy relationship with Brando--google it)
7. You. Seriously. I want you to.


  1. Well, thanks for being a good sport. Your list did not disappoint. I wish could say the same for Heather Mills. I don't look like her, but I am definately as demanding. You might have made the comparison due to my incredibly accurate English accent. That, and I can do it with one leg tied behind my back.

  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only Mormon who can't make rice krispies treats. :)

  3. Now I can read your blog and feel like I know you, kind of. And I have to say at first I thought, what does Carrie Ann see in her but then it turns out you were just being shy and you really were really funny and entertaining...and I liked to hang out cleaning with you. It was fun. So keep entertaining us all, now that we are bosom buddies.
    (don't feel scared, I was just trying to be funny, was I? don't answer that--just chuckly lightheartedly if I was and feel sorry and embarrassed for me if I wasn't.)

  4. Wow! We are flattered. Thanks.

  5. So, do you make jello?

    I too have Wrinkle in Time on my list (although I don't really have a "list" if you know what I mean)

    I love that you are sick and wrong like the rest of us, only funnier.

  6. Do you have something against Andy Garcia?

    Actually, I do. I thought he was a crappy Godfather even though he was only it for like 15 minutes.

  7. Things I Could Read Over and Over:
    1. Kacy's blog
    2.Kacy's blog
    3. Kacy's blog.

    'nuff said

  8. What Carly said.
    You are wicked funny.

  9. Straight from the horse's mouth: Lisa's legs are both real, but her hair color?

    Yep, you heard me right.

  10. The best list is books you could read over and over. notably eating a cookie. You could read while you do that, ya know.

  11. Oh, and Top Hat? Please tell me you're referring to the 1930s one. I thought I was the only person under 60 who watched any Rogers/Astaire flicks. That one is good but my fave is Swing Time

  12. Which dog were you thinking of riding? I'd feel really bad for a beagle or something small, but the other day at the park I saw this pony-sized dog. I was tempted myself to just go jump on it and gallop away into the sunset.


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