Sunday, September 17, 2006

Is Looking Like Tina Fey a Realistic Goal for Me?

A few weeks ago I made a mental note to wear my glasses more often so I could look like Tina Fey. I need to grow my hair out too. I can do that. I thought to myself, I'm 34 and I don't have a lot to work with. If I could look sort of like Tina Fey I would be happy. I mean, it's not like I'm shooting for something like this:

I know I can't pull that off. And I'm certainly not aspiring to something like this:
Which is not to say that I didn't spend a few hours on e-bay bidding on a handsewn Catwoman mask for Halloween. It's really for the best that I didn't win it. There's no amount of Shades, Modbe, or Layers that would modestify a Catwoman suit for me. It's not that I'm fat, it's just that I'm shaped like an hourglass that doesn't go in at the middle. I'm cool with that. Besides, Joker is much more my speed. (Wait till you SEE the velvet purple pants and jacket I picked up at DI for my Joker costume. Currently I'm grappling with the painting-my-face-white issue. Once you paint your face white you are kind of all-in for an ugly Halloween. I'm not sure I'm totally ready. My mom, on the other hand, committed years ago with a pump-included inflated fat witch costume. It's really horrifying and I respect her for it.)
And I could never, NEVER hope to be mistaken for this sort of thing:

I'm not exquisite and I don't pretend to be (like by contouring with blush or something). But Tina Fey is attainable, I think. I bet I could get in the ball park. Don't think of it like this:

Think of it like this:

See! I'm halfway there. It's not inconceivable that I could be Tina Fey-ish. And I plan to. What I am grateful for is that she has a new show coming up which is going to make my TinaFeylook extremely popular.


  1. In high school people used to tell me I looked just like Jodie Foster except her face was thin and angular and mine was, well, not. I DID NOT take this as a compliment.

    Looking like Tina Fey would totally rock.

  2. Yeah for TV and the many, many ways it improves our lives!

  3. I got Lisa Bonet in high school once...

    Lisa Bonet? This was during the early years of "The Cosby Show" and she looked as retarded as everyone else.


  4. SO I thought I saw you walking down the street the other day, I was about to say hi, but then I realized it wasn't you . . . it was just Tina Fey.

  5. A few people have told me I look a bit like our friend Tina, but I don't buy it. But I'm flattered anyway. Plus a bonus if I look like kacy.

    And I am so happy to know that you have also been contemplating halloween costumes already. It really is one of the most important holidays! If you see any green vinyl for an 11-year old plastic army man suit, let me know, will ya?

  6. I'll keep my eyes open, Lorien. Tell me, are you doing a family theme--like MASH? I like doing a family theme but it's hard to find cosutmes that go with a princess every year. I am so excited that Maggie decided to wear her Sleeping Beauty dress and go as Zelda--so we can all be super heroes/villains.

    PS You look more like Tina Fey than I do. Jerk.

  7. ZELDA?! My family will be so so jealous. . . I'm trying for a family theme this year. Owen wanted to be a knight, so Hugh will be a dragon, but then we've got Pikachu and a cowgirl. . . yeah, on second thought, no family theme this year.

  8. kacy--aaaawwwwwwww, thanks.

    no family theme here. Last year I was really trying for the incredibles. But Guy refused red spandex and I couldn't convince my 5-year-old that Edna Mode was really a beautiful princess. So we just had Mr. Incredible and Violet.

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  10. In high school I was told that I look like Taylor Hanson.

    He's the middle child in that band called Hanson that consists of 3 brothers.

  11. Oh crap. Do I have to think about Halloween already? I think this year I'll go as something completely different: a grumpy housewife.

  12. If I had a nickle for every Uma's just that even though she cleans up good now and then, I'm left thinking, "why the long face?" Plus I'm pretty sure she doesn't have teenager acne...and she's wicked tall and rich. But other than that we're almost the same.

  13. "It's not that I'm fat, it's just that I'm shaped like an hourglass that doesn't go in at the middle."


    BWY, I believe that Michelle Pfeifer is the most beautiful woman in the world.

    But Tina Fey is waaaay awesome.

    I just look like, well, "an hourglass that doesn't go in at the middle."

  14. Kacy, come back to me.

  15. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Tina Fey, Tina Shmey. You're far funnier than she (is).

    I was once told, as a child, that I looked like a weasel. I'm not sure I ever recovered...

  16. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Are you still alive?

  17. I know you're busy, but September was a long time ago.

    Possible topics to get you going:
    TV--what you're watching, not watching this Season.
    Tina Fey's new Sitcom
    Halloween Fallout

    Anxiously waiting for a new post,


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