Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Met a Man Who Had No Feet

I am going to tell you something about myself that is private and internal. I have heel spurs. I want to stress that this is an internal condition because, as unappetizing as it sounds, it's a lot better having them inside (made out of bone) than outside (made out of WHO KNOWS WHAT which is so sick because what if it were warts or mold or pus--so much of it that it was characterized as a "spur." I do not have that).

My bone spurs aren't that big. On the x-rays they seem like maybe a kernal of popcorn. But it pushes on your nerves (inside, remember) and it hurts really bad. They got worse when I was pregnant but before I was pregnant and going to the podiatrist was new and fresh, I got some plaster molds of my feet. I gifted them to Christian and he threw them away.

Since my spurs are getting worse I just know I will be presented with the option of surgery. It's so hard. I'm trying to LiveStrong and all but--do you think I don't know I could die on the table? Or lose my feet? It's really hard. I just have to consider all the risks and stuff.

On a lighter note, I got a pedicure from a man and when he was done--before the polish was even dry--he sauntered into the back room partially concealed by a shower curtain and had himself a bowl of sliced cucumbers. I'm flattered that my feet gave him such an effervescent craving. If he had gone back and had a bunch of feta or something I would have been mad. But Cucumbers! I really like that.


  1. Poor Kacy. They should make a new show on TLC called "Crazy, Sexy Bone Spurs" to help you get through this.

  2. You are an inspiration to us all. Especially those who suffer in silence. Livestrong!

  3. Hey, you should hang out with Holden, him with his Wranglers and you with your spurs and you could sing "Back in the saddle again".
    That would be excellent.

  4. Did he wash his hands before he partook? If not, extra bonus for your non grotesqueness! Good luck with those spurs though, that sucks.

  5. ahhh....I am still laughing about the cucumbers.

    "Still" meaning I laughed as I read the post, then clicked "post a comment," and I am still laughing.

    And, it was exciting to see you and your family last week at Hannah's party! I didn't know you were going to be there so it was a very pleasant surprise, for me.

  6. I have a bone spur INSIDE my wrist. It sticks out a little but has only hurt like once in 10 years so I haven't done anything about it. Especially after my grandma told me that they would just take a hammer-like thing and smash it. That can't be true, but I'm not willing to even chance it.

  7. Marcy, Sounds like a ganglion cyst. Ew! That's sick.

  8. I went to the podiatrist once and he washed my feet. To make it even more awkward, he was my brother-in-law and he even made a point of ensuring me that even though he was washing my feet, it did not affect our relationship. I have no idea what he ate once he left the examination room...


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