Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New York for the Weekend

Christian and I are going to New York City for our anniversary. Any suggestions about what we should see and do? I have big dreams for New York, but I'm willing to pay the price. (I know it costs). That's why I'm hoping to end up here:


  1. Leroy is so body conscious. Look at him high stepping with his hands out to the side in the very beginning. Compare that to his simple stroll past the mime at the end. So different, yet both so soulful.

  2. I have many funny "Fame" stories.

    You should take one of those Hudson River Cruises that go all around Manhattan. They are really cool. And go streaking through Central Park.

  3. remember remember remember

    I'm so having that song in my head for the next month.

    We went last year. Highlights are mostly things we just happened upon: Howard Stern in a cafe next to the temple, an anti-Bush rally in a park in Tribeca, and cream of carrot soup in a good Italian place somewhere in Soho or something. Walk everywhere. Don't use your olfactory system if you can help it. Be prepared to tip for everything.

    Some helpful suggestions from folk here.

    Have fun!

  4. Even though I must have been around 8 when I watched Fame in re-runs, Leroy was my absolute favorite.

    If I were going to the Big Apple I'd hit the Blue Note or the Village Vanguard but it looks like this guy may be at the Blue Note this weekend, and this guy will be at the Vanguard, and I'm not sure that either of them are what the kids might call hip these days... But, I'm a pretty big Jazz fan, so... most people probably shouldn't go to the places I'd go to in New York.

  5. This is so weird: I didn't really remember P.R. Paul from Fame (I remember Jesse, Danny, Leroy, Cocoa, and Doris, the ugly one). When I looked him up on IMDB I saw that he played Mongomery McNeil (my maiden name) on fame and was in a show called "Falcone" (my married name). That is psycho freako.

  6. Oh nothing can excite me like the intro to "fame". Why don't they show that in re-runs? I'd totally watch it all over again. I begged my parents to send me to a performing arts school right about the time that ran. I also begged them to send me to a Swiss boarding school. Middle children do have their issues I suppose. But my favorite Fame episode is still the one where the teachers went on strike for better pay and the kids put on their own version of "Othello". Leroy played the moor (obviously)and sang to "Desdemona" and it was awesome!

  7. Kacy - you made my day. I love Fame and all it represents.

    And I must tell you I quite enjoy your blog.

    And I'm Bonny - the eldest of the Terrills, lest you think some freaky lurker has surfaced.

  8. Oh Bonny, I know who you are! And everything about you because I lurk on your blog every day.


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