Friday, September 21, 2007

Heavy Metal Confessions: I Think Whitesnake Is Good

(Please click twice to watch the video on YouTube, unless you don't like licking.)

In 1981 I became involved with an after-school program called "MTV." This is where I learned quite a bit about Whitesnake. Just to clarify, while the word "confession" may connote shame, I'm not at all ashamed of my interest in Whitesnake because they were and are really good.

1. I'm kind of in love with Tawny Kitaen. (Oh. So you think that makes me a bimbo? You wouldn't call Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld bimbos, would you?)

2. I thought the relationship between David Coverdale and Tawny Kitaen was sweet and I'm sad they got divorced.

3. Even though it bothers me that David Coverdale thinks he's Robert Plant, he is a little like Robert Plant. That's appealing.

4. A shiny blue suit and skinny tie was certainly not the worst thing you could wear on Headbanger's Ball, if you know what I mean.

5. I really like Whitesnake. I think their music is good music.


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  2. hi Kacy...It's kimallsup from your old neighborhood...I want you to know that in our small town our after school acitivity was learning to dance and do the splits on cars...good to see your blog..

  3. bwa ha ha... That after school program certainly did teach us a lot. Nice video pick!

  4. MTV really made us who we are today. I miss the simplicity of the heavy metal bands. They were after nothin' but a good time. Too bad that has gone out of style.

  5. I feel sorry for today's youth who have to watch "My Super Sweet 16" and other garbage like that and miss, as JT so gently reminded MTV recently, actual music videos.

    How do you feel about Guns 'N Roses?

  6. Luckily, Whitesnake is probably playing this weekend in Vegas. Or at Atchafalaya.

  7. Once I discovered music videos, I would fake sick as much as possible to be home alone to watch them. I am still a fan. Tawny is SO flexible.

  8. She IS flexible. I really think that's most of her appeal.


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