Monday, December 17, 2007

Crossing the Picket Lines to Blog

I've been not blogging in solidarity with the writer's guild for a while (no, I'm not a "member" as they say) but it's getting ridiculous and the re-runs are getting old. I wonder if they will consider me a scab? Sweet. Whatever it takes to get 24 on the air in January.

It's time for all the year-end lists to start. I love this time of year and have lots of lists to post. But before I get started may I express disappointment that no one has sent me a hallmark stocking hanger in the mail? How much of a hint do you need? I mean, all these fancy ladies on blogs are always saying, "Oh, and thanks for the homemade shoes and felted binders you sent me. That was such a nice surprise and made my weely hawd day so much better!" Dudes! What's it going to take for me to get a surprise anonymous care package in the mail? I really feel like all the other bloggers get them. Why not me?

Oh well. Let's get the party started with the Biggest Disappointments of the Year:
3. The Bionic Woman
2. Feist's The Reminder--hey, some songs are great but the whole thing isn't. You know it's true. We all hate to admit it--me especially!
1. Not receiving an old hallmark stocking hanger from you. Seriously--boo hoo.

Most Annoying Facebook Applications of the Year:
2. Super wall

Favorite New (To Me) Blogs of The Year

3. Go Fug Yourself (I know it's not new, but I never looked at it because I thought it was bad.)
2. Fluid Pudding
1. Finslippy
(I don't know Fluid or Fin but I enjoy them. )

Favorite CD Checked out from the Library This Year
1. Michael Jackson's History

Favorite CD of the Year
1. Plant and Krauss Raising Sand (I know I mention it a lot but I'm really hung up on it.)

Best CD that I Haven't Heard this Year
1. Radiohead In Rainbows (When am I going to get with the program and start loving Radiohead? Probably around the same time I get with the program and start loving Dooce--hey, there's a reason I'm not real popular!)

Favorite Thing to Win in an Auction this Year

2. Snoopy stocking hanger
1. My new house

Best Baby of the Year

1. Ellen (There were a lot of contenders, but she's #1. Sorry Agnes--it was close this year!)


  1. Next time we all go out to eat, and I'm actually INVITED, I will give you a copy of In Rainbows and help you understand the beauty of it.

    We can agree to disagree about Feist and The History of Love.

  2. A.Ummm, I don't have your address to send you a weird srocking hanger.

    B. I like about half of Feist's new CD. I think I like about half of most CDs

    C. I bought David a copy of the Robert Plant/Allison JKrauss CD for Christmas because you have raved about it so much. It's one of those "I bought him a gift that's really for me" gifts.

    D. I appreciate Agnes getting honorable mention, but I keep wondering what I could have done differently to have won the competition.

  3. Yeah, I think I would freak out if people actually sent me gifts, because that means they found my address without me giving it to them, and wow, creepy ;>

    I love finslippy, love, love, love, LOVE. And I am STILL too intimidated to comment.

  4. It's too bad Ellen will be tragically fated to ill health. Also: Proximo will kick her trash in the Best Baby department.

  5. Your office is too clean. Are you sure that baby is yours and you don't just borrow her for cute pictures? (I like your lists. And I like your music recommendations. You're going to have to become a craft-blogger to get people to send you stuff--Haven't you noticed that it's the scrapping, quilting, and/or knitting bloggers that send around the packages?)

  6. I like about half of the Feist too, Phoebe. In all fairness, I only like about half of the Robert Plant--but I REALLY like it.

    I thought Proximo was a 2006 baby? Oh well--you know what they say about babies names "Proximo."

    And yes, my knitting friend--I do just borrow Ellen for cute pictures. Because she's soooo cute.

  7. I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but I love your blog and wanted to let you know that I am whispering Ellen's name in my 11-month-olds ear so he can look for her in 18 years when they are living in Helaman Halls. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. I forgot to divulge that Joe and I were watching SNL featuring Feist a few weeks ago. She began to perform and Joe let out a huge snort.

    "Well, she won't be around in 5 years."

    So there you go, you are not alone.


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