Monday, January 21, 2008

Caps For Sale!

I have a confession to make. In the past two weeks I have seriously considered opening an Etsy shop twice. Mind you, it is not with modesty that I tell you I have no marketable skills--it is the truth. I can't make crafts, I'm not into design, and I don't have "an eye." There's no reason for me to have an Etsy shop. In fact, there is every reason for me not to have one. That said, I did consider it twice.

I first considered opening an Etsy shop for homemade flannel pajamas. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and I was making some pjs for my kids. I would say the quality of the pajamas I make ranges from fair to poor. But still, I enjoyed making them so much. My train of thought went something like this: This is so great. I love material and I love sewing. I'm going to make all my kids' pajamas because pjs are simple. Could I make other kinds of clothing for them? Could I make all their clothing? Well, no. That is too hard. . . but. . . I COULD HAVE AN ETSY SHOP SELLING FLANNEL PAJAMAS! I entertained the thought until I saw how my homemade pajamas looked when they came out of the washer and dryer.

About a week later I came across my daughter's loom for crocheting hats. You probably learned how to do it oh, about 5 years ago when they were all the humanitarian rage. I know--they are SO "Homemaking Meeting," but I never learned how to do it so I sat down with the instructions and figured it out. You see the thing is, I'M CRAZY ABOUT THESE HATS. I love yarn and I love making teeny tiny knit caps. You may recall my unsuccessful foray into knitting a few years ago. I yearn for homemaking skills but I don't have them. I am woefully inadequate when compared to my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I blame the feminist movement for that. Ironically, we all have Martha Stewart to thank for bringing it back en vogue.

The thing about these hats is that you don't really need an endless supply of them. My kids can reasonably use maybe two or three? There is no demand for this need I have to supply. Once again, my thoughts went to Etsy. So what if there are already 500 pages of knit hats on Etsy! Mine are different. I could fill a really specific niche because I choose such cute yarn and my hats are so simple.

I don't really see myself opening up an Etsy store anytime soon. But I think it's interesting that within about 5 minutes of moderate success on a project my thoughts turn towards Etsy as the ultimate fruition of acquiring a new skill. Etsy as the end-all be-all is, I think, the final step in the complete commercialization of domestication. Of course, there is one other place to showcase my wares--one other reason for doing what I do. The chilly heads of under-underprivileged infants? Actually, I was thinking about my blog.


  1. Are you kidding? Your market is in front of you. Caps for Cats. It's a winner. I get 1% of the proceeds for thinking it up for you.

  2. You should write a book about the "commercialization of domesticity." That Martha!

    And I want you to teach me how to sew flannel pj's. Seriously.

  3. Etsy. It's ruined us all.

  4. I just found a really great website that sells WIGS for cats. Maybe a co-production???

    I have NEVER been on Esty. Am I still American? I also haven't seen Titanic. Maybe I don't really exist....

  5. You have magnificent self-control. I, on the other hand, had the thought and then acted on the thought. So now there's this Etsy shop with my "name" on it and (thankfully) no merchandise.

  6. but at 50 cents a cap would you really make any profit?


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