Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Color Goals

I've been making a concerted effort to wear more blue, but every time I do I feel like a cartoon character. It's sort of like when I was trying to break my white sock habit years ago. I had a goal to wear dark-colored socks even though I felt like a man whenever I wore them.


  1. I'm trying to wear anything other than gray and black. Anything. Must change soon. Too many colors are being neglected!

  2. What's wrong with blue? All the cool kids are wearing it. I wear blue all the time (see?)

  3. There's nothing wrong with blue. I love blue. That's why I want to wear it more. I can't help how I feel when I wear it though, even if I like it.

  4. I have color goals to wear less blue.

  5. Maybe more blue eyeshadow would help.

  6. I don't understand wearing orange on non-Halloween oriented occasions.

    I think it's wrong. It makes my eyes hurt.

    That is what I think.

  7. Did you ever notice that Disney princesses usually wear a light blue dress? (I have a 3 year old daughter...sorry...I'm fluent in Disney.) Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel...they all wear blue. Did Walt get a deal on blue paint or something?

    Also, I think my husband has gradually moved all my dark socks into his drawer, because they look exactly like his. I get it.

  8. So what do you wear if not blue?

  9. Keep pushing through, Bluey-blue-blue. Colors are your friends. Although, YOUR blue is more of a teal blue, maybe that would help you. But you also look really good in plum, and I can't think of any cartoon characters that have worn plum... oh wait, there's Barney (but that was definitely GRAPE) and the Joker... hmmm...

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  11. I don't know you, but you are funny.

  12. I have always had a goal to wear a different colored shirt every day. Pink, red, turquoise, black, etc. I think the only color that has an effect on me is brown. I always feel like I look bad in it. Blue, well I like it because I think it brings out my eyes and that makes me feel happy.

    I don't think I can picture you in blue. If you do wear blue, post a pict.


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