Tuesday, June 30, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame

Justin Hackworth is a Utah Wedding Photographer who is showing his 30 Strangers exhibit this Thursday in downtown Provo from 6-9pm. You should come because you are invited. Everyone cool is invited.

And to give you an idea of the flavor of the exhibit, it's basically like I'm Edie Sedgwick and Justin Hackworth is Andy Warhol. Basically.
Which would make 1st East Center Street #215 Studio 54, but with less drugs. (I hope--kind of a Molly Mormon, ya'll!)

A lot of people ask, "Kacy, isn't it a lot of pressure to be a muse?" Not really. I like it. Come to the exhibit and meet me. Then sculpt/paint/photograph/write about/collage me.


  1. Why do all the cool people live in Provo, that is what i want to know. And why do all the great things happen there too? I am just waiting for something to happen in Northern UT so I can attend and feel like I am a part of the blogging/coming out community and finally meet all my idols. One of these days I will talk my hubby into moving down there. One of these days.

  2. If I lived in Provo - I would absolutely come. I have always wanted to have a muse. Not to be one though - I'd eventually get all "you don't own me" about it and it would end badly.

  3. Holy Moly-you are hysterical! Am I ever glad i found your blog. (Is that weird that I read it? Promise-I'm normal...ish :) You are hysterical.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I like Melissa's enthusiasm, but experience has made me skeptical of anyone testifying to their own normalcy.

    Well, the drought is over, the windows of heaven have opened, and we are showered with pictures of Kacy. It should be a good show. Welcome back.

  6. Oh my girl you crack me up!!! You were so fabulous last night, much like Edie probably was in her day. Although you were less tweeked out and drugged up than I would imagine she was. :)

    It was so good to meet a local celebrity! ;)


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