Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Tired of 100 Dollars Yet?

It's the third week of my 100-dollar giveaways. Are you getting sick of them? Check out my other blog to find out if you won. In other compelling news: If I did cook breakfast, I would cook eggs. Also, something romantic.

If you are not in this blogging relationship for the money, I'm flattered.  You can read all my archives from start to finish and become my friend on Facebook. But try for the giveaway anyway because you deserve it.


  1. Yes, frankly, I am getting tired of these 100 dollar posts. If you could add another zero or two, I might not mind so much. But I entered anyway. So thanks, I guess.

  2. I'm in it for the parting gifts. Those are usually given out for sympathy when someone hasn't won, and they always describe them as being "fine," plus they come in the plural with the condition of "some," which indicates at least four, so I figure I'll take my chances there.

  3. was this aimed at me? or do you have other stalkers? did I not tell you that I love you because you're not so commercial, and then you go out and get sponsored? what the freak, Kacy?

    totally kidding.

  4. Wow... I've been away for about a week and I come back and you're giving away money?! Sheesh!! C'mon.. I need the money.. we've got a hurricane comin!! LOL

  5. I admit I'm not in it for the money. You make me laugh. And, because you know my aunt and cousins.


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