Monday, August 16, 2010

Give Away Winner

And the winner of the $100 Visa Gift card is so and so. Just think--it could be you! It's probably not you, but maybe it is. Savor this moment--imagine what you would buy with $100. Until you click you'll never know. It's kind of better not to know, don't you think? Because right now you can at least hope it is you. This is a moment of great possibility for everyone who reads my blog. Unless your name is Ellie, I suggest you stay here--in this moment of potential joy--because you're going to be really disappointed when you find out who the winner is.


  1. you big tease! Congrats to Ellie- a girl with a pretty name.

  2. Don't tell me! La-la-la-la-la-la-la! I don't want to know... La-la-la-la-la... Probably more fun to anticipate, imagine and pretend. Once reality smacks you in the face, it tends to reduce your available options. I like the Sobe cap contest, where when it tells you you've lost, it follows it up by saying "Losing is half the fun!" I don't know if that's a slap in the face or their own self-deprication. Either way, at least it's original, eh?

  3. I totally use this strategy all the time.

    I had the winning lottery ticket in my car from February thru May. I was going to buy a beautiful new house with that money. We were going to go on some amazing vacations with that money. I would be able to help my friends and family in so many kind and generous ways.

    Unfortunately the internet ended that dream (when I saw that the winning numbers for that week had mysteriously changed from the ones on my winning ticket). I bought a new one a week or two later, but the joy now will be if I can ever find that darn winning ticket in the cracks in my car.

    For now I just think about all the awesome stuff that is under the seats of my car.

  4. Congrats to Ellie!

  5. I would be able to help my friends and family in so many kind and generous ways, looing forward.


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