Thursday, August 12, 2010


 Oh. Guys. It's so crazy. I feel like my publicist is doing a full-media blast on me. I don't have a publicist but it feels like I do. I mean, a couple months ago I did this for Shep while he was cutting my hair. I'm afraid it's going to go viral! Shep did a great job and it's no wonder--he was wearing his lucky neckerchief. I agreed to be in the clip as long as they didn't show my face because I was afraid my natural lack of enthusiasm would make it look like I didn't like my hair. Notice how Shep describes my hair as a bubble? How does he talk about my hair when I'm not in the room? I kid--it's just show business.

I'm also currently featured here, on my sister-in-law's Ravelry knitting patterns website.

What with all this and the work I'm doing for Kelloggs it's like you can't even turn around without getting a faceful of Kacy! Hope you don't mind.

It seems like the right time to include this interview of myself with myself.

Kacy:  Ravelry. Kelloggs. Shep's hairstyling tips. Kacy, how does it feel?
Kacy: Surreal. And also gratifying.

Kacy: What's next?
Kacy: Oh. Geeze. Who knows. I might sign up for PTA. I might Tweet. I might be quoted in the Ensign. BAM!

Kacy: Do you have a secret blog?
Kacy: No. I mean yes. Wait, no. I definitely don't.

Kacy: Do you ever get tired of talking about parenting, not-very-good-housekeeping, and the books you read?
Kacy: No. As a matter of fact I don't. But the way you asked that makes me think you are sick of it, which is kind of rude.

Kacy: You seem to enjoy writing. Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Kacy:  I'm really glad you asked me that because I do enjoy writing and I am working on a young adult novel. It's called Fangs Are Sexy.

Kacy: From what I hear (primarily on Facebook), most people are too busy to blog. How do you find the time?
Kacy: I don't run marathons or garden. It saves me a lot of time. (Which I use for blogging.)

Kacy: Are you tired?
Kacy: No. I'm just resting my eyes.


  1. I love Shep. He used to cut my hair. He cut my hair on the morning of my wedding. Then all my hair fell out and now I get a buzz for $12.95 at a Barber Shop. Sigh...I miss my hair.

  2. And an interviewer to boot... Throw that in the ring of ways you could become famouser. I believe you really got to the core of all things Kacy with that investigative reporting. Ultimately, your down-to-earthiness will sell, sell, sell. And yet it's apparent you won't sell out.

    This is a nice little unique nooky place on the internet. Pat yourself on the back, and keep churning in the same way, because it's just enough off-kilter to not follow any predictable pattern, no matter how topical it might become. Good writing takes on a life of its own, and this is rather organic.

  3. Since I don't know that many people in powerful places, I've been wondering who I might get to interview me for publicity when my book comes out and now I know. I can interview myself. I hadn't thought of that.

    Thanks for the laugh and the inspiration. You're my hero!

  4. YES. I recently read a post apologizing for posting so infrequently and saying she didn't know how other people had so much time to blog. And I refrained from saying, "Maybe it's that you exercise 2 hours a day and I don't." I can get a lot of blogging done in 2 hours.

  5. "Good Things Utah!" HERE YOU COME!

  6. HAHA! Hilarious :o)

  7. Hats are great in theory. I've just never been able to keep one on my head for any length of time.

  8. So much fame, yet still doing her own not-very-good housekeeping.

    You write the book. I'll buy it.

  9. I like how Shep called you his model. Now you can add "worked as a model" to your resume.

    My mom's favorite saying was, "I wasn't sleeping, I was only resting my eyes." As far as I know, she never slept.

  10. I like that Rusty, even though I've never met him. If I follow your blog long enough, I'll eventually be able to blog-stalk all the funny people on the Internets!

  11. Shep cuts my hair too! And my unruly mane is difficult to tame...I can't let just anyone cut these curls. He's as good as the stylists I've been to in Manhattan and Seattle.

  12. being as funny and witty as you are i knew you had to be a brunette. :)

  13. Yours is my favorite blog; this interview with yourself takes the cake. It's like you are the David Sedaris of housewives... unless you hate him, then pick your own witty writer.

    I wish I knew you in real life. Someday I'm going to force Ben and Gabby to introduce us.


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