Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Give Away Winner and Back to School Post

I've done it again! I just gave away another $100.  But don't get your hopes up--Susan C won. I don't know anything about Susan C, but she has a hundred more dollars now. Remember when people used to make bets in grade school and when it was time to pay up they would say, "OK, here is a hundred DOLL HAIRS!" That was a really dumb trick because the supposed word play was clumsy and they didn't really even have doll hairs to count out and pay with, which might have made the joke funny. Suffering fools--it's hard.

There is also a new chance to win more money. I find money to be a mood booster.  Have a nice day. Hope you win some money. Or earn some.


  1. My brother pulled that whole "doll hairs" trick on me when we were kids. I'm still not over it.

  2. I've never heard of the "doll hairs" trick- I'm surprised my brothers didn't try it.

  3. Kacy, come back. Your job is to make me laugh and you are slacking. Forget about all those kids and dogs and laundry and church callings and stuff...

  4. You've been meeting my every demand...should I demand $100, too? (thanks for bloggin and for the stellar ellen video)


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