Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Don't Understand So Much

After I made my "Reviews and Giveaways" tab I started getting e-mail from stores who want to give you things. I'm kind of not that interested because, frankly, there's nothing in it for me. But I'm happy to oblige.

I don't really know how people found out about my Reviews and Giveaways tab, but I don't know how a lot of things work. For example, how does TV work? What makes a motor go? How are books bound? What are radio waves? What does oil do in a car? I don't understand so much. Sometimes I imagine that I might find myself stranded somewhere with every kind of resource and I am required to rebuild civilization by myself. I know that I wouldn't be able to figure anything out--probably not even if I had books that explained things. I might be able to build a fire. My culture would be so stunted. I am embarrassed by the culture I would create if left to my own devices.

But the first Give Away (this is in addition to the $100 Visa Gift cards so PAY ATTENTION) is $75 from what appears to be a really wonderful group of online stores. You can get anything from coffee tables to kitchen stuff to modern furnishings which are, as you know, all the rage. Check out the details on my Giveaway blog. Try to win by leaving a comment over here.


  1. I have that same nightmarish thought on occasion. At least you would have fire. I would probably just be stuck waiting for Fed Ex boxes to float to me on the waves. Wilson!!

  2. i think about this all the time! my biggest fear about the end of civilization isn't the death and destruction...it's that i might survive and the people who know how to build air conditioners won't.

  3. I was just approached by the same company to do a giveaway for THIRTY-FIVE dollars. You are officially $40 cooler than I am, but don't take that personally. I'm almost positive it's supposed to be more.


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