Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Circus

Remember that comic strip in the Sunday paper called Family Circus? I hated it because it was so dumb and the mom was kind of fat. Maybe I was too harsh on that fat mom.

Over here I talk about a new free app. It's called KinKast and it is handy and simple, like riding a bike.


  1. I never got those Family Circus ones where it would trace the boy's steps while he was supposed to do a simple task from point A to point B. Of course his path was all over the place, and now I'm a parent, I kind of get it, although I'm not sure it's funny enough to be a comic strip.

  2. I love the video -- unicycles in the house is a great idea!

  3. It is ok to b hard on comic strips. Except Kathy , who wasn't that funny either but it seems mean to pick on her cuz she's already so neurotic.

    My favorite new app is PBS for iPad ( also for iPhone). I can watch all sorts of nerdiness on demand. I heart you, Downton Abbey.

  4. I have waxed frothy about Family Circus many a time, chiefly because it only had about four story lines:
    1. Billy takes over and draws for the day.
    2. Ghost grandparents look on affectionately.
    3. Mischievous ghosts are responsible for the mess.
    4. Some kid wanders all over the place and takes forever to do a job.
    My loathing for this comic is difficult to quantify using existing number systems.

  5. You should have drawn in some black lines tracing Sam's path all over the house! Hilarious!

  6. dana j.10:54 PM

    i think you might enjoy The Nietzsche Family Circus:

    if the first random pairing of a Nietzsche quote with an insipid Family Circus panel doesn't make you laugh, hit "refresh" a few times.



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