Thursday, February 28, 2013


The word "linkage" is just one D short of Dinklage, my favorite midget. Seriously, I like him the MOST out of all the midgets and some non-midget people. So brooding.

All any one of you has to do for me today is click on 3,000 of my Babble posts and they will think I'm a hero. It would be like the Miracle Bowl of mediocre mom blogging.

I hate how these link round ups always start with a desperate plea from me to you to read my stuff. More than anything, though, I've learned that's what it means to be a writer.

Just be glad you don't know me even better. Instead of asking you to click on links I'd be all, "ADOPT THIS DOG," or, "COME TO MY BLUE AND GOLD BANQUET," or "MAKE ME A HOGWARTS CREST FOR THE BACK OF MY CAR FOR THE TRUNK OR TREAT THIS YEAR," (Hat tip, Lisa Valentine Clark.)

For your reading pleasure,

Some of the Best Writing on the Web: A Love Letter to Mommy Blogging A lot of people hate the term "mommy blogging."I don't love it but I have decided to embrace it like gay people did with queer. You can learn a lot from gay people. Also, this post is about how Babble is publishing an e-book of the best parenting posts on the web. You can nominate anyone—Even yourself! Even me.

Vintage Caldecotts I could look at the cover art of children's books all day. But if I did that, how would the peanut M&Ms get eaten? You'll notice I used not 1, not 2, but 3 exclamation points in this post AND the word "gorgeous" to make it supremely readable. You can learn a lot from other bloggers.

You Don't Need Antibiotics for That Ear Infection (Probably) New guidelines for pediatricians so they don't prescribe antibiotics as often and create a super-tolerant strain of disease.

And that's all she wrote. Coming next week: More!


  1. Hey Kacy, I am home sick today so I will do my best to be your clicking army. But I wanted to point out something--since November when I got my bloddy Windows 8 PC, I can only load your babble links about 30% of the time. And I almost never can load a post with a slideshow, not even on my iPad. So I click over but I don't really get to see your work and my clicks prolly don't count. Also, sometimes I get a link from you in my fb newsfeed and I get a fb "page not found" message when I try to follow the link. So maybe some of your popularity is getting sucked up by technology.--Jamie

  2. Jamie you ares such a dear heart. How frustrating. Babble did a big redesign in November and there have been lots of technical difficulties since then. Also, I have a lot of personal technical difficulties which might explain some of it. Thanks for trying.

  3. Thanks for linking to my post! I didn't even know, dude. I love YOUR blogs and posts best of all.

  4. I already read them all, but gave them a quick click anyway. Do I get a gold star? Maybe some sort of crested lapel pin?

  5. Ben Rand9:37 PM

    if you posted a video of a cat doing something cute, they'd come running.

  6. I just googled 'superhero alphabet' and your babble post was the 5th site listed! I clicked on it, of course.
    Just thought I'd let you know.


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