Friday, May 10, 2013

Written in the Scars of Our Hearts

Just Give Me a Reason is an awesome song that I love and have been obsessed with for a while.

Pink and Nate Ruess wrote it together. I love Pink and I love Fun. so loving this song is a no-brainer.

Ohhhhh, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to 'splain and 'splain everything I love about it.

On wikipedia it says that Pink and Nate Ruess (heretofore called Fun.) were initially just having a writing session and they wrote this song.

Wha? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? How do these things get set up? I love this pairing. But I don't think they're buds. They run in different circles. Does Pink just say, get me Fun.? How's it work in the biz? Where did it take place? Did they write this song in a day? Did they drink Diet Coke? Did they sit at desks or on comfortable couches?

FOR SURE Fun. sat criss-cross apple sauce for all or part of the writing session. I just know it.

This song turned out to be conversational, which is part of what makes it so great. Some of my favorite songs ever are conversational (You're the One That I Want, Don't Go Breakin' My Heart, You Don't Bring Me Flowers). They're clever. They're dramatic. And fun. And, Fun.

So Pink asked Fun. to sing it with her. It's catchy and pretty and the lyrics are good and interesting. They depict a couple with problems trying to hang in there. Totally relatable. (Zing! I like to keep Christian on his toes!)

Pink sings first and you're totally on her side. It's kind of a nice surprise to hear the husband chime in. (All couples who sing together are married, just like all dogs are boys and all cats are girls.) Now here's where it gets interesting. Because Fun. says some typical guy things. Like, "where is this coming from?" and "It's all in your mind." With Pink being so powerful and sympathetic and, incidentally, married to kind of a tough-guy who is probably (just playing the odds) maybe a bit of a macho Men are from Mars sort of fellow, on the page I think these lyrics are good but it gets super special when Fun. sings them.

Why? Because Nate Ruess does not sound like a typical macho guy.  He's tiny and slight. He sings so earnestly. When they sing this song, it's hard to distinguish which person is singing. The woman voice and the man voice blend and it's hard to tell who is accusing whom of what. That is what I find interesting. Pink and Fun.'s voices both span 2 octaves in this song.  It's quite remarkable.

Watch this live version. Are those tears in Nate's eyes? I love this pairing. It's kind of gender-bending in a cool, awesome, interesting way. Are they aware of this? I mean, Pink is kind of tough and Fun. is kind of sensitive. They're great. I basically have a mix of both their haircuts. I'd marry either one of them. (Zing! I like to keep Christian on his toes.) I'm not saying Pink is not feminine and Fun. is not masculine. You get what I'm saying.

For the record, I think Pink sounds amazing in this live version and so does Fun. She's wearing an ear piece and he's not. Whatever that means. When he pleads, "I'll fix it for us," to me it is a play on how women typically complain that they just want to talk about their problems and men typically don't want to listen but want to jump in with ways to fix their problems. But when Nate Ruess sings it I think, Bless his heart. He really will try hard to fix it for us!

I didn't post the official video because it's kind of not safe for work/kids on your lap while you read blogs. If it makes you feel better you should know that Pink's racy love scenes in the video are with her real-life husband. But Fun. is there too. He's just there to belt out the lyrics.

And by the way, I'm not just making unfair assumptions about Pink's macho husband. She basically told me all about him in the album this song is from, The Truth About Love. She actually spells out the word r-o-m-a-n-c-e for him in one song. She says she hates him in lots of songs. Their relationship seems volatile—but a lot more interesting than any of Taylor Swift's! Best wishes to Pink—Split, reconciled, and still together with Carey Hart, her husband, baby daddy, and motorcycle racer. I hope he's as much of a sweetheart to her as Fun. seems to be.

Kudos to my daughter, Maggie, for introducing me to this song. Her musical tastes tend more towards mainstream and the indie-music-lovers in our family sometimes look down our (I mean their) noses at things "everyone" likes. But Maggie has great taste and HELLO everyone should like this song, because it rules.

My obsession runs deep. I actually wrote a spoof of this song for Lisa and Chris Clark to sing to each other. It's based on the conflict couples have over watching their shows together when one person seems less committed. Lisa Clark is my muse and when I picture her and Chris in bed together (admit it, we all picture this) I picture him snoring under his CPAP and her very engaged with the remote. I was hoping Pretty Darn Funny might pick it up as a viral video and Chris and Lisa could reprise their roles as Daryl and Gracie, but I'm open to a Kickstarter. I feel that Chris and Lisa would be in, no matter what.

If you are wondering why this post is so long, this is how a conversation with me would go if I were completely in charge, we had unlimited time, and no one interrupted me. Isn't it wonderful? OK. I'll post the song parody. But you have to read the lyrics while listening to the actual song. Here's a playlist with the song along with some other fantastic duets that I love. Don't skim this post. You won't know what's going on. 

"Just Give Me a Season” sung to “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink and Nate Ruess of fun. 

Gracie watching TV in bed while Daryl sleeps next to her. Gracie sings to the TV, then to Daryl, then he wakes up and they sing to each other.

Gracie: Dear DVR
You were a thief
You stole my heart
And I’m your willing victim
I let you see the parts of me
That weren't all that pretty [stuffs face with food in bed]
And with every episode you fixed them

[To sleeping Daryl] Now you've been going fast to sleep [“snore snore,” from Daryl]
You’re too tired to watch with me [“snore snore,” from Daryl]
I’m afraid you've had enough
Of our shows, our shows

Can’t you watch this season
Just a little of it’s left
I’ll delete it if you don’t care
Please watch so we can get caught up again
It’s dvr
This dvr is ours. It's our heart
You’re not tired just spent
And I’ll just have to watch again

[Daryl wakes up]
Daryl: I'm sorry I don't understand
Where all of this is coming from
I think our shows are fine

Gracie: Oh, our shows are fine (regards the Tivo menu)

[Daryl] You thought I fell asleep again
My dear, I’m just resting my eyes
And it's all in your mind

Gracie: Yeah but this is happening (indicates TV screen which says “storage full”)

[Daryl] Project Runway’s almost done (“boop boop,” sound of dvr while Gracie looks sideways at TV and pauses it.)
Downton Abbey ended bad (“sob, sob”)
Call the Midwife’s our new show
Because of Chum—my
Oh Chum—my

Please do not delete it
1 more episode’s enough
I promise I’m not tired, just spent
And I want to watch again
I never stopped
This DVR is ours it's our heart
You’re not tired just spent
And we can learn to watch again

Gracie: DVR might bust
Daryl: I'll fix it for us (holds up ROKU box)
Gracie: It’s collecting dust
Daryl: But our tuner’s enough
Gracie: You fell asleep
Daryl: You watched without me

Gracie: Maybe nothing is as bad as it seems

Daryl: I'll take naps

We will not delete it
We will try to stay awake
Just 1 season We’re not tired just spent
And we can stay awake this time
It's DVR
And it is ours it's our heart
And we're not tired just spent
And we can learn to watch again

We will save a season
1 more episode’s enough
We promise we’re not tired just spent
And we can watch this show again

This DVR
This little dvr fills our hearts
Oh we're not tired just spent
And we can learn to watch again
Oh we can learn to watch again (Gracie is distracted by the TV)
Oh Lady Mary will learn to love again! 
Oh. Oh.

(Daryl drifts off to sleep)
Gracie: You’re not tired just spent
And I can watch it all again

Isn't it romantic? I know you can picture it.  I admit that it is autobiographical. So anyway. You see that when I say "obsessed" I'm not exaggerating. Happy listening. It's a great song. If you read this whole post I want to give you a dollar.


  1. Hi! Its me here. You've got an awesome blog. Keep having a nice post. Have a great day..

    1. Zuup is stupid. Actually, I have no idea what it is but I refuse to click on spam comments. How lame. Get a life Zuup!

      (I really hope Zuup is not a person. And the words I have to write to publish this are Improper Desire - how appropriate. )

  2. Amen! I'm in love with this song. And your spoof is impressive.

  3. Well, I'm a country music (not the junk on the radio)/Americana/Bluegrass/acoustic person for the most part, but I'll ocasionally detour into a good, guilty pop song and this is my new favorite of that variety.:) Thanks for the tip.:)

  4. I'm also an indie lover who is obsessed with this song, mostly I'm obsessed with P!nk (ahem, see how I spelled her name?). Her dancing in the video for Try? I'm no dancer, but that looked HARD. Don't even get me started on that trapeze crap she did for Sober. She is just flat out cool. This video you want to make? Genius. Sign me up to contribute to your kickstarter, this needs to happen.

  5. Plus they kind of have the same hair. Only his is more... fun, and hers is, well, pink.

  6. This made me laugh out loud about 10 times. Mostly about Chris and Lisa. I do love when you have total control over the conversation. I love your obsession with music, because I Wish I loved music more. I just sort of listen to it and move on. It's never really moved me. But I trust you. I want to hear the Chris and Lisa version. Let's do a kickstarter and we'll post it on your blog. What do we need to raise? $50 for diet cokes and babysitters for an afternoon? I'm in for $10.

    Also, is Fun. 16 years old? Because honestly, he is young. (See what I did there?)

  7. This is my new favourite post of yours! I would also pay to see Lisa and Chris sing your song.

  8. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. You are good at that.

  9. You're in my head. And Eli's! Eli plays this song over and over on the Kindle while I'm driving. I think it's because he likes to hear me sing it. I mean he LOVES to hear me sing it.
    Your song is remarkable. Please record it. Use your savings.

  10. That song is awesome and it's the first time I've heard it. So thank you.

  11. You just put into words everything I feel about this song, but didn't know until I read this post. Thank you.

  12. You are so hilarious. I love your brain and your writing and I would love to have you talk to me at your uninterrupted leisure. Love the stuff about you having a mix of their hair and keeping Christian on his toes.

  13. I loved this uninterrupted post of yours. I also am OBSESSED with this song. My kids know they cannot talk/whine/breathe when this comes on in the car because I will have my moment singing this out with all my heart.

  14. Hi! here. Your post are really amazing, I will keep on visiting your blog and I can't wait to read your next post. Have a nice day!!

  15. I'm mostly glad you didn't post the official video because EVIL TEDDY BEAR. But seriously, I completely agree with you on this song. Nate Ruess is so earnest. Keep having a nice post!

  16. Your post is the first I've heard of this song, and now I'm obsessed. So good! And I love your assessment of the pairing.

  17. I am a huge Pink fan myself! As she ages she is only getting better with songs she truly writes and sings from the heart.


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