Friday, September 13, 2013

Flying Buttress Bags are Cute: Discount for You!

Reina from Flying Buttress bags sent Ellen one of these little totes that she  makes with side panels that kids can remove, decorate, and snap back on. It's pretty cute and Ellen loves it.

Ellen got the Tommie Gift pack with the Mona Lisa white panels and fabric markers so she could decorate the panels herself and snap them on. There are a bunch of custom panels you can get to keep changing up the bag. So basically it's a purse and an art project. Ellen loved hers, even though she just scribbled black all over it and it looks kind of coughnotcute.

But she loves it!

It's lined with an inside zip pocket and the Tommie Tote is actually the perfect size for Ellen to use as scripture bag that she takes to church. It's thick and good and sewn well. It's not crappy-feeling like a lot of kids' stuff. Reina has all different styles of purses and lunch boxes along with the tote and the panels work for any of them.

So. The point is, Reina is a sweetie who reads my blog. Everyone who reads my blog is a sweetie and deserves a discount, right? So if you want to get a fun lunch box for back-to-school or Birdy Bag to stow away for Christmas, you can have 20% off. It's good from now until October 12th.

For 20% off use the coupon code writebook. See how it's customized for us? Just like your bag will be. I like specific coupon codes just for us.

Shop here. Like them on Facebook.

Thanks Reina!

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