Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My First Blog

This is my first blog. I think blogging is a little too self-absorbed for my taste, but most of the people I informally surveyed feel strongly that I start a blog so I will comply. Really, I'm doing it for my vast readership. So today I took Maggie to pre-school (her first field trip to Pumpkinland is today) and on the way home I saw Andy walking alongside the road. That is, not in school. Oh dear. Before I commit to blogging I suppose I need to grapple with a few ethical questions first--such as when to disclose incriminating information, etc. Oh well. Don't tell his parents!

The title of my blog, "Times and Seasons" just sort of came to me. It's really only a temporary name. I wonder if anyone else has it trademarked--another ethical question to deal with. In order to create a real buzz among my readers I'm having a contest: Name Kacy's blog. The winner gets to name my blog. The name should be pretty cool, but not so cool that I can't pull it off. You know how that is. Any kind of good musical or literary allusion would be fitting; a quote, perhaps; or something completety original would be great.

Since this is my first post, I'd like to define (generally) the parameters of what I will be discussing on my blog. Since it is an election year, I might talk about that. I might talk about what I do all day or what I hear on NPR or what my kids are doing. I might talk about my hair and my clothes or other people's hair and clothes. Shows that I like could come up (although I don't get to watch nearly as much TV as I would like, in spite of TIVO). I am really into ITUNES right now and, as a result, getting back into music so that will probably come up. I like to talk about that a lot and welcome all comments. My church calling is huge for me, but perhaps inappropriate to blog about; nevertheless, rest assured, I will blog about that. Rarely, when I make dinner, I might talk about it or ask for suggestions.

What I hope most is to bring people together in their interests--more specifically, in their interest in me. What could be better? Actually, I think we all need a blog. Please note that you can make comments in response to these posts.

*After calling my blog "Times and Seasons" for a few days I changed it to "Every Day I Write the Book."


  1. "Times and Seasons" isn't under copyright, but since it is used by another blog (http://www.timesandseasons.org), you may want to try something else. It would be too bad if people couldn't keep track of which fabulously entertaining blog they were looking for because both have the same name. Unfortunately, though, I don't have any good suggestions. That would require cool, which I don't have much of.

    I am quite happy to see that you are blogging. Reading another person's blog is sort of like reading their diary, but with permission. Of course, having permission makes it less thrilling, but it is still fun to do.

  2. I've changed the temporary title of my blog to "Your Blog Title Here." I just don't want the type of people who might do a google search for "Times and Seasons" to come up with my blog. Yuck. I really just don't want that type of person reading my private thoughts.

  3. "I really just don't want that type of person reading my private thoughts."

    Boy, I'll say!

  4. This may be the perfect title, especially the subtitle.

  5. I'm trying a new title. How is it? I owe a great debt to Elvis Costello for it since it is what I consider his best song. You know, like my blog is a book and I write in it every day. Don't worry. The contest is ongoing but there have been few submissions.

  6. I don't know the song, so the title is, for me, fresh. But the best part continues to be the subtitle.

  7. I agree. The subtitle is the best part. Very funny.


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