I like stuff. But I hate some stuff. And so I blog.

I'm pretty much the grandma of blogging. I started Every Day I Write the Book in 2004 as a way to make my sisters laugh. Since then, this blog has burgeoned into the place where I rant (The Bachelor) and I rave (Harry Potter) and record my thoughts on momness in real time.

I used to teach writing to students at BYU. It was a great job and a fun creative outlet, except for the grading. But I just kept having baby after baby (4 of them!) and with each one my motivation to get up and out of the house waned. Blogging took over. It's fun and creative and you don't have to leave the house.

I'm lord conqueror of the realm here at Every Day I Write the Book. Not gonna lie—It's pretty great. But being a little fish in the big pond of Babble is all sorts of fun too and has gotten me writing—ironically (see blog title) every day. I've been blogging about parenting for their Kid blog since last May. Read me here, read me there. Do whatever you want!

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Look at me stalking Ira Glass:
Now that we're basically besties, (you and I, that is—Ira never really warmed up) subscribe to my posts and friend me on Facebook.  Let's share Pinterest boards and tweets. Or simply check my blog all the time and make comments.

I know we just met, but why shouldn't we be friends with benefits?

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