Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top 10 Most Scary

10. The theme song to Jaws. I know this is a cliche, but I just heard it and it really makes me feel afraid.

9. Fog.

8. Numbness of extremities. (It feels gross and it could be a serious disease.)

7. Serial killers (Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, Boston Strangler, Jack the Ripper etc.)

6. Romania--let's just say the whole Eastern Bloc--and the accompanying accents.

5. Priests with bad intentions.

4. Prostheses--especially if they are antiquated and ill-fitting.

3. The wrong voice coming out of someone. (For example, a man's voice coming out of a woman or a deep woman's voice coming out of a child--usually caused by the devil.)

2. Latin. "Spiritus domini salve sanctus sanctorum . . . sit vis vobiscum" Eeee yeee yeee--Yikes!

1. Satan


  1. #8 You KNOW I feel ya

    And I would add: Little kids who suddenly turn creepy, like in the Sixth Sense or - or - I'm not even gonna try to think of one. I have to get some sleep tonight.

  2. What movies have you been watching lately??? EEK. Have a fun Halloween!

  3. But what about vampires?

  4. Anonymous3:42 PM

    The original Exorcist. Especially watching the late theater showing, getting out after midnight, driving in the fog and drizzle with your friend who is one of those people who like to egg on the creepies when you are as jumpy as a toad, going off the main two lane highway onto a mile long dirt driveway that empties into a large ravine. Then finding out his parents aren't at the weekend cabin like they were supposed to be, only to have the car turned off, the lights turned off and the whole area becoming pitch black like hiding in the coat closet. Next having to literally feel your way in the dark across the 20 yard expanse from the end of the drive to the cabin, only to here THUD,THUD,THUD...when you figure you are about half way to the cabin. I'll have you know I still have knee trouble from time to time because of the cracking they took after smashing into the porch. My friend got to the car, turned on the lights just in time to see the small herd of horses fly by between us. Needless to say, my mind has not been right since and that's been 30+ years ago.
    Thanks for letting me get that off my mind, I feel much better now.

  5. I love a good old black and white "scary movie." They're so harmless (if you're a super wimp like me) but have some interesting qualities. I don't do Satan or posessed or evil or derranged children. So yeah, amen to ya.

  6. all very scary things. Also scary.. my laundry right now. Even more scary than serial killers...

  7. #1a: My mom's Halloween costume.

  8. Ben went to Romania on his mission and he's most likely going back for an externship--should I be scared that my husband is a vampire?

  9. Being stuck underwater is scary, especially if there is a window to bang on. I am thinking stuck in a sinking vehicle. That is more of a state of being than a "thing" . . . but drowning is possibly my worst fear. (I hope nobody ever tries to "waterboard" me) Also, all birds are incredibly scary. #4 is my favorite (antiquated and ill-fitting prostheses) but you are right, Latin is frightening.

  10. And I can't forget my second biggest fear, which is that while I am washing my face (with my eyes closed) someone will sneak up behind me and I will open my eyes to see him or her in the mirror peeking over my shoulder. I have had this fear for a long time and it is downright crippling. You see I can't wash my face with my eyes open, otherwise I get soap in my eyes.

  11. I have an ex-BIL from Romania by way of Akron, Ohio (he had lived in 12 countries by the time he was 21, so gypsies are real)and I think you are right on.

    Also, I grew up about 60 miles from the Mexican border, surrounded by various and sundry scary catholic/latin cultural influences. Some of them I love, but there is a deep creepiness in Latin chants, milagros, dark native american mission chapels,misguided priests, angry nuns, etc. (most of my childhood nightmares featured at least one angry nun because my elementary school was sandwiched between two catholic schools and the nuns would yell at us for cutting across their alleys or school yards, or breathing wrong, for Pete's sake. It would have been super fun to see DaVinci Code with you.


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