Friday, November 09, 2007

Elusive Kermit

I've become interested in acquiring those old ugly Hallmark-type stocking hangers from ebay. My goal is to get six in time for Christmas. They appeal to me--I don't know why. They are plastic or "resin," virtually worthless, and I don't think any stretch of the imagination would classify them as "mid-century modern" (which seems to be the only acceptable reason for visiting ebay these days). But still. They beckon. The first one I bought was Snoopy from the 50s. His scarf is the actual stocking hanger. Today my Snowman and Santa came. (They were a package deal.) I am thinking about bidding on Tweety Bird next. I don't like all of them--some I hate. Like the Eskimo or the Polar Bear. And some are so hideous I want them--like the Elf.

The one I want the most is Kermit. I can't win that Kermit! He comes up all the time. There must be a lot of people with a closetful of Kermits. I understand why they might want to make a buck off of him. It seems a little weird that I keep getting outbid on Kermit though. I really wonder about these people who are winning Kermit. Why are they suddenly so interested in Kermit stocking hangers?


  1. I'm sure its personal. Someone out there that knows you, knows that you are interested in Kermit and out of spite, they are going to great lengths to outbid you. In all reallity, there is probably just a single Kermit, that keeps getting circulated by the circle of "spite" friends.

  2. I want to see your Snoopy- or as Owie calls him "noopy". Who knows why we collect the things we do? As long as we love it who cares?
    My mom just bought a pricey and beautiful mission style bookcase with glass doors to house the hundreds of Salt and Pepper shakers she's accumulated. And she never even intended to collect them... it just sort of happened. I hope she never discovers ebay.

  3. I kind of want a Miss Piggy hand puppet like I used to have...

  4. Try -- seriously. It "stealth bids" for you at the last second. It's the only way I ever win anything on eBay. I think it costs a quarter per bid, but it's worth it to not lose all the time.

  5. One man's junk is another man's treasure.....


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