Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blook Blub Podcast

You know how book clubs are either way too lame or way too smart? That's why my sister Carly and I decided to start our own where we could basically just talk about books we like with people we like (each other). Check out the blook blub blog. That's our book club blog and we just finished our book club podcast. This month's book is Nicole Krauss's History of Love. Read the book. Enjoy the podcast. Participate in the discussion--which will be neither too lame nor too smart. I promise.


  1. I saw your podcast linked on Emily from AZ's blog and sampled it myself. Very nice! (although I'll be honest, it was kinda long and I didn't read the book so I didn't make it all the way through.) Is it weird that "A stitch in time saves nine" is now in and out of my head daily? Kind of.

    Anyway my sisters and mom and I also have a book club blog, although we have yet to have a real discussion on it. I am hoping to Go Public once we do that, if it ever happens. Don't worry though, we will totally not try to compete with your blook blub. I wouldn't even know where to start recording a podcast.

  2. btw I really want to read HofL. I loved Extremely Loud and since--also on Emily's blog--I read they are very similar books and written by spouses, I think I should.

  3. I finally got the book at the library! I've been holding out on the podcast until I get it read.


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