Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween And Stuff

I'm at home handing out Halloween candy. When I notice the kids approaching, I get my bowl and get ready to answer the door but then I stand there and wait for them to ring the doorbell. It sometimes takes a while because my porch is, I guess, kind of scary--what with the web and the music from Halloween and Jaws playing. So I just stand there waiting to answer the door. It makes me feel a little ridiculous. But I keep doing it. And I love it.

This year for Halloween Ben is The Flash. Like last year. He didn't wear his costume to school. I don't know--I guess it's just too "childhood" for him. I don't remember ever wearing a costume to school.Maggie is a witch. Witches are cute but not provocative--a classic. I made her be a witch to match Ellen.
Sam decided on Charlie Brown this year. Subtle. I like.
Just thought I'd give you a quick update--Crap! I forgot to turn on the eyes in my skeletons. Gotta go.


  1. Oliver has been Superman two years in a row. Mainly because he refuses to wear anything even slightly uncomfortable (and his standards for comfort are ridiculously high). So Superman pajamas from Target were the best I could do. At least it comes with a cape (not that he'll wear it...)

    I love the Charlie Brown costume.

  2. When I was a kid, back in the dark ages, every girl was a gypsy and every boy was a hobo.

    It was all about going trick or treating and you needed to look legit.

    I confess I used to spend ridiculous amounts of time making costumes for my kids. And they got worn out in the dress up box so it was worth the effort.

    But no one seems to want to be a gypsy anymore.

    And I don't think anyone even knows what a hobo is!

    (I'm so old, I remember hobos coming to our back door - my mom would make them a sandwich and send them on their way!)

  3. Sam was a hobo last year. We have hobos in our back yard, which backs up to Provo River. We have an unreasonable fear of them.

  4. Ellen's facial expression is AWESOME! I wish I'd taken a better look at her costume today, and I wish I could have seen Maggie's in the light. (sigh) Hope your night was fun.

  5. This year Holden chose to be a lumberjack, which basically means wearing his normal clothes, but carrying an axe. He was supposed to bring his costume to school to change into, so he stuffed his boots into his backpack. That was his big costume change: shoes to boots. He had worn those boots to school the previous day.

  6. GrannyBabs--I was always a gypsy too! Every year I asked to be something else, but my mom would just pull out the clip-on earings and the makeup and I was hooked. Clever girl, my mom. Gypsys have been replaced by hookers amongst the 7 to 12 set.
    Kacy--the kids must ring the bell or knock. It means they don't wont it enough if they don't ring. Good for you for keeping it real.

  7. We used plastic shower curtain rings for our gypsy costume earrings.

  8. I didn't want to say out loud that many little girls want to look like some kind of sexpot!!

    LA Times did a whole feature on that phenomenon.

    I don't think I thought I was a sexpot when I dressed up as a gypsy - I don't think I knew what a sexpot was, but I did enjoy the makeup part of it - since we didn't wear makeup any other time.

  9. My son decided to be a Fisherman - or rather "Fisher of men" (since they're doing the New Testiment in seminary this year - last year he was Noah).

    My daughter wanted to be Pocahantas.

    I remember being a Hobo one Halloween myself - but not a Gypsy.

  10. I love the pictures, thank you for posting. Everyone looks amazing. I guess it helps when your children are gorgeous!

    I was talking to my friend on the phone on Friday and she told me her son was going to be Flash. Flash? I asked and she said yes, as in Flash Gordon. I could hear little Luke's voice in the background saying, mom, not Flash Gordon JUST FLASH. Beth replied, I know Luke, but I have to tell the old people Flash Gordon so they'll understand. So for Halloween I guess I was an "old person"? sigh.

  11. Ok, Charlie Brown, now that's original!! Ellen wins the award for the cutest smile.


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