Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hey Guys, I Posted at Segullah

Hey guys, I wrote another post for Segullah. Won't you please read it? Make some comments and make me look good (if you don't mind.) Thanks so much.


  1. I am posting my comment here, against your wishes. I just couldn't pass up the chance of being the only comment, plus I know you got lots and lots of props over there.
    Have we discussed this before? Because this is something I fret about quite often. Growing up, we watched everything, which I credit with helping me cultivate a broad comedy palate. Three Stooges, Little Rascals, Barney Miller, Hee Haw, The Carol Bernette Show, Benny Hill, selected SNL performances...and this was before high school. No, not all of it was "appropriate", but I thought it was helpful when my mom would march in and say "Mike! These kids aren't going to watch Benny Hill!". Yes, I saw it, but I also learned that what I just saw wasn't appropriate, and that was helpful too.
    It's hard having a large brood (between the ages of 13 and 3) and not have the youngest grow up a little fast. And by it's hard I mean absolutely impossible. So we now let the 13 year old stay up an extra half hour each night to help him develope culture by watching a (pre-approved) Simpson's or MST 3000 on you tube. I consider it an important part of his education.

  2. Done. And I'm sorry my comment there sounds kind of mean. I'm tired from cleaning my office so much. Low blood sugar. And that was me who waved to you and honked while you were at the bus stop. I hope it didn't embarrass you in front of the other parents... hopefully it made you look popular and cool.


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