Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Should Go Stay at This Beach House, But Not When I Want To

I hesitate to tell you about the beach house we rented last week because it is so wonderful and I want to keep it to myself, but I'm a good person (in spite of what you might think) so I'll pass along the information. It's the bottom floor of this house:

The owners live upstairs and they are as congenial as can be. I'm not going to lie to you, the water is cold.
But it's not that cold. (The tile floor in the bathroom in my house in Utah in January is a lot colder.)You will have fun and it will be just right for your family. It's not too ritzy and intimidating; neither is it crappy and scary. I saw a whale the first day. You probably don't believe me, but it's true. It's a magical place--I got tan and did not burn. Again, true. If you go I hope you enjoy it and I hope your 18 month old doesn't scribble with ball point pen on the couch because that really ruins it for the rest of us. Geeze.

Does the owner pay me to promote this place? No. But he should.


  1. Oh, very fun. I much prefer renting a home rather than a hotel when I travel for pleasure. VRBO is my best friend.

  2. This is such a great idea and perfect for kids. The beach is right there! Add a box of Poptarts and there's your "continental breakfast!"

  3. It looks like a fun vacay. I might find your place and go there just for the cold water.

  4. i love the beach - and even though i live in a beach town - nothing beats living ocean front.

  5. When were you here? You could have called us - although Oceanside is a ways away from us.

    Looks like fun.

    We have rented beach houses before and it was a good time.

    Once it was a loser house but the kids had fun - and Harry Dad did most of the complaining. I was glad to be away from the heat!


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