Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Tempted to Keep This One

Just in case you thought my blog was not going to turn into a boring report on me and my foster dogs, meet Mimi.

One of our Border Collie puppies was immediately adopted on Saturday and we left the other one with good prospects (a man desperately trying to get a hold of his wife to ask her for a puppy) and the promise of getting neutered this week. (Surprise!) I wanted a break from puppies so at the last minute we sprung the house-trained Mimi from her kennel and brought her home.

I've always been upfront about my prejudice against small dogs. I don't like them. They do not interest me. Can someone like me change my ways and accept these little annoying dogs? Look into Mimi's bulging eyes--they are saying, "Yes you can."

Easily contained, friendly, house-trained, and calm, Mimi quickly won me over. She's not annoying at all. In fact, she is less annoying than any of the bigger dogs I've had. You can adopt this easy and endearing dog Saturday at the Orem Petsmart at 1pm. See you there! (Wouldn't that be awesome if I actually had a blog stalker who went to Petsmart and adopted all of my foster pets?)


  1. Madison was begging me to adopt one of those puppies. I think the play dates will have to be at our house from now on.

  2. i wondered how long it would take for one of the dogs to make it's way into your heart...

  3. I have small dog issues, too! Yup, I do!

    I am so glad to know there is hope!

  4. I love that dog. That is all.

  5. I love her too. And she loves cats and kids. A more perfect dog you will never find, people.

  6. Aw, what an awkward looking creature. I like it!

  7. When I look into that little chihuahua's eyes, I hear, "Si, se puede" in a Mexican accent. Sort of like the old Taco Bell mascot.

  8. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I love dogs, but I admit that little yippy dogs bring out my urge to kick stuff. Good thing I have no motor skills.
    I admit that she does look sweet, though. I'll take your word for it.

  9. Have you ever considered a career in sales? I have not one bit of room in my heart for any sort of animal - but you have me MAYBE considering this little doggie - that's a pretty good sales job.

  10. Oh I already stalk your blog. But I think I'll keep my dream of "never owning a pet" alive.

  11. I want her. Too bad I can't make it to Orem from Maryland tomorrow. Couldn't you just keep her for me til I get there in July or August?

  12. Will you keep your eye out for a blue heeler?
    One that poops out in the pasture.

  13. I always thought I was a big dog person.

    I am not.

    Not ever.

    You can't make me.

    IF I were to ever get a dog (IF) it would be a small dog. A pug, or a toy poodle. Something small, something that wouldn't knock over the grandkids (because I would have to be old and a widow before I could get a dog.) A Norwich terrier (although I'm super picky about terriers.)

    Let's conclude this with more equanimity...

    Small dogs I don't like:
    Yorkies, Bichon Fs, Shih-tzus.


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