Monday, March 16, 2009

What Do You Think?

I have two foster dogs this week. What do you think of this one?

Do you think she is ugly or cute? If you think she's cute you should adopt her. This picture is actually very, VERY flattering. Betsy (also known as "Pixie"formerly known as "Gigi") will be waiting for you to come and get her at Petsmart in American Fork Saturday. She's smaller than a cat, if that's what you are into. Easy and trained--that's what you want. That's Betsy.


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Poor girl! She must be struggling with identity issues. I hope someone adopts her who likes one of the three names she has already had.

  2. There were a couple of little white dogs at the shelter and the names got mixed up. Then my kids named her Betsy.

  3. She is so adorable---but I live too far away to adopt her.

    I have yorkiepoos, so I love the little ones...

  4. A friend of mine brought her little ball of fluff with her when she came to stay for the weekend. My boys could not get enough of that little pooch. Our two labs were sadly misplaced as they watched the boys run in circles with Coal while they sat, forgotten, and scratched at the sliding door. It was pitiful!

    Keep posting these photos though. I think I may fall enough in love with one of your fosters and have to make the trip to AF.

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    She's kinda ugly.

  6. Even uglier in real life.

  7. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I hope some really nice family who likes ugly things adopted Betsy today. She kinda breaks my heart.


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