Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Check Out Tony Stark's Shoes

Robert Downey Jr. is 5' 8" 1/2 and Gwyneth Paltrow is 5' 9''. Take a look at his lifts in Iron Man 2. Or maybe he always wears boots like that. It's his right, I suppose. I don't care what he does with his shoes as long as he stays off the drugs.


  1. I wanted to make a joke about Tom Cruise being short so I googled it and found "celebheights.com". He comes in at 5 7.75 a shade under Jr. I was much more startled that there is a website exclusively about how tall celebrities are, not to say blogs about it aren't perfectly acceptable.

  2. I just celebheights-ed Joaquin Phoenix and he's 5' 8" if anyone's interested in the height of another weierdo out of touch with reality. I'm just saying...

  3. And yet goofy footwear notwithstanding, I'll take Shorty McShortshort any day over Spidey...

  4. As a short woman married to a tall man, I welcome the trend that RBJ is so obviously trying to get rolling.

  5. All I know is that I was completely disappointed with George Clooney's height. Saw him and requested an autograph at MGM Grand in Vegas years ago.

    Someone once told me that they're all the same height laying down, but I'm not going there with him...

    Made celeb crushing a bit difficult was all.

  6. I love RDJ, despite myself and my traditional stay-out-of-jail values. If this is what he needs to lift himself out of depravity and back into my living room, so be it.

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