Monday, November 23, 2009

Educating Frances

Ellen has decided to hand feed Frances in order to intensify their bonding.
I read that dogs never really surpass the reasoning skills of a 3-year-old human. Ellen is 2.

Frances is bowing to Ellen.


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    ok. i was gonna end my life tonight, but you blog was so funny, i decided to live. your awesome. love your quirky sense of humor...

    seriously. love it.

    incognito due to depression.

    ps. not that all very serious about ending my life, but just feeling dramatic this evening.

  2. I am a cjane reader she listed your site so i took a read. Behold my joy, we(famliy) foster dogs too. I am not a crazy dog person but cant stand how we(people) toss them away. It has been a great thing for my family. Most people think we'er crazy but it was nice read some who foster too.
    Silly but it made my day.

    Pss i have been in love with mia the giant dog for awhile I hope she finds a home.

  3. My daughter would always offer to feed the dogs and then I would see her walking away munching on some herself.

  4. Janelle11:42 AM

    Kacy, I am bowing to you. I've actually been blog-stalking you for a long time, and now I am going to facebook friend you to see if you remember who I am. We were in grad school together. I freaking love your blog.

  5. My kids store cat food in the pockets of their church shirts, because they have to go so long without a snack. They are already on fire with emergency preparedness!


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