Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Camera is Working

My camera is working! I plan to spend the next few days getting you up to speed now that I can post pictures. First of all--I grew my hair really long last Spring.
You can see it here at the photo shoot Christian and I did at the Holden Cemetery. As you can see, long hair makes my arms look fat. So I cut it this summer.
Much better!

Ellen also grew her hair out to unruly lengths:And then cut it short:

More photo updates to come.


  1. I thought short hair made my arms look fat, so I'm growing mine out!!

  2. i can't wait for my daughter's hair to get long enough for me to cut into a cute. yours looks awesome too!

  3. I so, so, so love haircut befores-and-afters. SO.

  4. I am a recovering hair bulimic as well (grow, purge, grow, purge). I wrote about it in my blog recently. But I try not to be a blog-dropper...
    Anyways, short is hair is really groovy.


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