Friday, December 04, 2009

TrendWatch: Buffalo Plaid

Hello, Buffalo Plaid. And so we meet again.

In the 80s you kept me warm and sloppy. And then--in an ironic twist--I wore you as a fancy jumper with a lace dickie and/or denim shirt. My most vivid memories of you are in mustard yellow--I don't know why. You were very thick and coarse. I think people of the grunge persuasion did not wash you. Ever. I remember you in purple and black with high-waisted and peg-legged--sorry, "skinny" jeans. One wonders, are they "jeans" if they are wool? And, perhaps even more perplexing--are they "jeans" if they are flannel? On thing is for sure--flannel "jeans" require an elastic waist band.

I can't help but envy the under-20s who are meeting you for the first time with no baggage, no incriminating pictures from school dances. And yet--though our relationship is complex and spans two decades--it is enduring and special.

And so I will let bygones be bygones. Can we start over? To plaid!

Here's someone I found on the internet who I think feels the same way. Look closely at the pants.
Hey young hipsters, this is how it really was. Do you dare go truly retro?


  1. This can only lead to trouble.

  2. I had the red dress with the lace collar.
    And the yellow/black big shirt over Stirrup Leggings with black booties.

    Bad. So bad.

  3. At least the repeated iterations of a trend are usually more figure-flattering. I think it's because people figure out how to wear them and look attractive right as they're staling, and the next time around they're ready for it. At least that's my argument for why I wear skinny jeans--today's tapered pants--and boots.

  4. I had a purple buffalo plaid shirt with a big plastic belt.

    And slouchy purple socks worn on the outside of my stirrups

    And I carried a purse that looked like a rolled up magazine.

    Stay away from the 80s, kids. It can only lead to trouble.

  5. Some things should *never* come badk ;)

  6. Anonymous5:18 PM

    everything that once was, shall be again. I'm waiting for those plastic things that scrunched the bottom of my t-shirt in that AWESOME way.

  7. What the tuxedo ruffle shirt - and I'm talking BIG ruffles, it was the 80's it had to match the scale of the hair.

  8. I believe I've seen it all. Wonder when a truly "new" fashion find will occur.

    I always loved buffalo plaid.

    But I'm skipping it this time.

  9. O.k. I've been thinking the same thing lately. I walk into Gap or any other store and all I see is flannel. I can remember being in seventh grade and asking my dad for his flannel shirts. I don't think I can bring myself to wear it again. Like you said...there's too much baggage.


    I own skinny jeans.


    I feel strongly about this.

  11. I might go for a buffalo plaid fur-lined trapper hat. Just for kicks.

  12. Thank you for stating what I've been thinking for a long time. I refuse to go to there.

  13. It is true, every generation puts a new twist on the things they bring back from the past. I don't think I would ever be caught dead in those pants. Of course, that is what I was saying in the peg-leg 80's about bell bottoms.

    BTW, before I read the caption to the pict I thought you were going to try to convince all of us that the picture was of you. I love the glasses.

  14. I bought a new plaid shirt and wore it to the SYTYCD tour. I felt so "with it" until I saw a picture of myself, made a joke about looking like a lumberjack, and my sister-in-law confessed that she had been "wondering about the plaid" when I showed up. I think she used the word "interesting."

    I still think I look hot in it. Hot enough to wear it the ward Christmas party.

  15. i had the blue buffalo plaid overall SHORTS and I wore them with one strap unbuckled, paired with my green docs. HOT.

  16. I only respect the hipsters who TRULY go retro. I figure you're all in or all out. I'm out. Very out. You should call them out more often. Weird hipsters.

  17. I am making myself a Christmas dress with a red and black buffalo plaid skirt. Oh, yes I am... sans qualms.

    And I am hoping to get the red and black fleece lined, ear flapped hunting hat for Christmas.



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