Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dream Jobs

Here are some jobs I would really enjoy if money, child care, and ambition didn't matter. These are jobs I think I could do with my current skill set and talents, with a reasonable amount of training:

Waitress at a Diner
Professional Playlist Maker
Bridal Consultant
Cashier at a grocery store (if uniform isn't dingy)
TV Producer
Secretary for a General Authority
Magazine Editor
Real Estate Agent

And here are some jobs I think I would really enjoy but they would require significant training and I would have to acquire totally new talents that I don't currently possess:

Rock Star
Architect or Interior Designer
Golf Pro
Taxi Driver
Knitting Teacher/Etsy store owner


  1. Secretary for a GA? Really? I think GA's have got to be total killjoys. Plus if you ever let a swear word leak out . . . .

  2. Does working for a GA mean you can't drink Diet Coke at your desk? Or wear a low cut top? If so, I'm out. That's basically all I live for!

  3. You would be a dentist? Wow. You've got guts girl. I cannot even watch someone else brush their teeth.

    Know what's weird? I'm pretty much working my dream job. I love almost everything about it--what I do, whom I work with, my schedule--except for my office and the pay.

    Among other things, I think you'd make a great librarian.

  4. I think GAs are probably super nice to their secretaries. I would drink Diet Coke and offer to pick one up for him every day. Plus I would get to type up revelations and stuff. I think it would be an awesome gig. I wouldn't want to be some jerk's secretary, but President Monson? Totally.

  5. I fantasize about fixing some people's teeth. Not everybody's teeth -- just those people you occasionally run into who seem really nice and look good except for their horrible, horrible, fixable teeth. I think in my head, "If I were a dentist, I could change your life." Sometimes I even think, "Fixing your teeth would be so satisfying, I'd do it for free." And then I think, "I'm sorry I'm not a dentist, but I hope you find one who is as motivated and altruistic as I am."

  6. This is my dream job:
    Working at a store in the back room, unpacking boxes all day. Not talking to any customers, seeing the new merchandise first, and using a box cutter. Seriously. DREAM JOB.

  7. I learned to knit a while back and opened my own store within 18 months. Knitting is an awesome hobby (I knit while watching T.V., reading books and attending soccer games). It makes me look productive even when I really am just chillin'.

    I'd love to be a dentist too. I'm seriously considering it, but four kids, a husband, dog and life pretty much get in the way.

    Great lists!

  8. My dream job is a Bond villain.

  9. Well, when I read the list I immediately thought:
    1. You would make an EXCELLENT GA secretary (I happen to know, well, you know, one and it's the best job ever because they are treated so well!)
    2. cowboy?! Because of the outfit and animals? . . .
    3. architect for interior designer. You could do that.

  10. Kacy, being a cowboy is really hard. Are you sure you want to do that? Cuz I used have a romantic view of cowboys, but then I was VT comps (and bffs) with a real-life cowgirl and I saw her doing her job and I was all, "YOU ARE A SUPER HERO!" cuz I cannot drive a tractor (or any other vehicle that is large with many gears, I suck at riding horses, and I certainly can not rope, tie down, castrate, and immunize a calf in 12 seconds. But if you can, you should totally move to MT because there are a lot of awesome cowgirls up here (not me).

  11. You forgot to add taste tester for a chocolate or ice cream company.

  12. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I had to laugh at your list because I've been a librarian and a cashier at a grocery store (I had to wear an apron but it wasn't dingy) and I've been a cashier at a bookstore which is kind of in-between those two things. I was celibate until I got married at 25 so I think that's nearly like being a nun, and I went on a mission which is also like being a nun--in fact in France and Belgium nuns and girl missionaries are both called Soeur so we got mistaken for nuns all the time. And I'm not quite a tailor but I do sew a lot. (But I don't knit, and I have NO aspirations to farm or rope cattle.) Anyway, I've never thought of any of the things on your list as dream jobs, but it's certainly true that by working them I seemed to be saying that money wasn't an issue.

    (Hi, I'm Zina and I've visited your blog before but I don't know whether I've ever introduced myself--I know your in-laws and Lis and Matthew and Angela, although I don't think I've ever met your husband nor, obviously, you.)


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