Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Want to Hear Something Creepy?

I used to work for Kevin Garn at Pegasus records when I was in high school. I didn't see him every day. He owned several stores so he only came into ours occasionally. Hearing about his underage girlfriend/employee/Sunday school student really made me sick. Then it made me feel like I dodged a bullet. There but for the grace of God. . . . Am I getting a standing ovation yet?

My sister, who managed the store, never liked him. But I can't say that I got any kind of bad vibe from him. Well, that's not true. I did get a pervy vibe from him. But I got pervy vibes from everyone. That's how I decided who to date, apparently. Hehehe. Just a little joke there about my bad taste in boyfriends up until I met and married Christian Faulconer.

I remember Kevin Garn came in one Saturday and it was very busy. We'd gotten these new-fangled stereos that were operable with a remote control. It was basically other worldly, if you can imagine. Young Guns II had just come out and the soundtrack was, in a word, incredible. We used to start the CD remotely when unsuspecting customers approached the stereos. It would say, "Yoohoo, I'll make you famous!" Boy did it freak people out. Check out the trailer to hear the infamous words yourself. So anyway Kevin Garn came in and we had to quit goofing around. He had defective merchandise to switch out and resell!

See more about my job history here, here, and here.


  1. I love that album! I actually had to get a second copy of it when I was younger as I broke the original playing it so much! That is my favourite opening line to a song too!

  2. I had forgotten that he was the owner. Bleck. There were plenty of pervy vibes flowing around there, right? I did meet both of my husbands though... both the substandard and the winner!

  3. Your job history KILLS ME. I need more!

  4. My favorite part of working at Shopko was when I got to work the register in electronics. We used to do the same thing to scare customers - except we used Information Society's "I Want to Know - What You're Thinking".

  5. Can we expect "Kacy's Brushes With Creepiness" to be a regular feature of this blog?

  6. Yikes!
    At first I felt sorry for him, like he was being overly punished then all the other shoes began to drop.
    DUI while Bishop? Sheesh!

    (And the word verification is rat.)

  7. I worked in the St. George Pegasus for a summer... but never encountered him. Whew. I kind of liked your taste in boyfriends (or, had pathetic crushes on them!)

  8. I worked at the Cineplex Odeon Theater in Sandy (it's now an REI) in highschool for one month. The manager (who was in his 30's) slapped me on the rear end one night, and I quit. I never told my parents, so they probably just thought I was a total loser. It soured my opinion of work, or so I tell myself (because I have never had a "real" job longer than three months).


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