Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Aaron the Boy Who Lived?

I just found this article by Damon Lindelof from 2007 about the final Harry Potter book. I wish I had read it three years ago! You need to read it so instead of thinking I'm a nut for comparing Lost, Harry Potter, and other nerdly goodies (nerdish goodlies?) you will think, "Wow. She's totally in Lindelof's head."

Moreover, it's kind of fun to read him contemplate the ending of the Harry Potter series since we're all (ok, maybe just me) contemplating the ending of Lost. It is--oh what is it that Simon Cowell is always accusing Aaron Kelley of NOT being? Oh yes, relevant. (Poor Aaron. Simon is right.)

Of course now we know that (spoiler) Harry doesn't die but it was dicey there for a while and I think a lot of us were worried that he might. Lindelof explains,  "And that’s because we want to be surprised.
Because if there’s one thing we like more than explosions, it’s surprises. And even though 8 out of 10 of us want him to die, we know in our hearts that he won’t.And that’s because Ms. Rowling wouldn’t dare.
She can’t whack Harry because there are rules that must be followed when it comes to how one ends a grand mythology. Good triumphs over evil. Hope overcomes despair. Paper covers rock. Harry wins. Voldemort loses. The Ewoks sing."

So Lindelof definitely knows the rules. But does he consider himself more daring than JK Rowling? We'll see.

Food for thought: Would the sorting hat put Aaron in Gryffindor or Slytherin?


  1. I've heard him say the ending will elicit big emotion, that he won't consider himself successful unless his mother is in tears. I think he has no choice but to break the rules. Lost has prided itself on breaking rules, in a still-have-to-keep-the-audience-happy sort of way. So I think: people we love will die, everything won't be all neatly tied up, but there will be just a glimmer of good triumphing over evil. Whatever that means.

  2. Yes, I agree. I think it will be horribly sad and everyone will die but there will be a glimmer of hope or some kind of triumph for good/the people who "believe" over the ones who think everything is random and meaningless and I think a lot of hopes will be pinned on Aaron, who has potential to be very good or very bad.

  3. Who do you think is the man in black's crazy mother? Do you think he is Aaron? I think Daniel Faraday and Elouise have to be involved there somehow.

  4. Also, here's my prediction:

    The finale is called The End. It can't be just The End of the show, I think it also has to be The End of the island. Obliterated. That's my prediction and it's probably too obvious, but I think it has to happen because they are ruling out any possibilities for spin-offs or reunions or movies.

  5. That. Was. A. Good. Article.

  6. What a find! My son (newly hooked on Lost) and I just clicked over and enjoyed. Thanks.

  7. aaron being a huge part of the ending will be a bit of a surprise to me, i think. i mean... they do mention him a lot this season but he has no presence. i forgot he existed until flocke mentioned the crazy mother thing.

    and agreed about the ending being sad. sad, but not tragic. it can't be tragic! i really want things to just work out in sideways world. even if things suck for people we like (sayid) life is just so much better. i'll be surprised at anything, let's be honest. or not surprised. i'm ready for anything. i'm confused.

    and interesting... eloise being MIB's mother? i find out so many new theories from reading these comments.

    also, i JUST got a phone call on my work phone and the caller id said "jarrah." LOST IS INVADING MY SOUL.

  8. I want Lost to be over so you write me some more funny posts that are not about Lost cuz I only get to watch 2 shows and right now they are Idol and Glee so I don't get it. And yes, I know that Idol is not worth my time this season, but I can't stop. And yes, I know that Glee makes me a totally different kind of nerd than you (I'm a performing arts dork, it's who I am, I went to 12 step to get over it, I'm in recovery but am still prone to burst into song and dance). So the point is I miss non-Lost posts. But I am still a fan.

  9. Sorry Jamie. The island decides what I write about.

  10. I don't know which is more painful; agonizing over what could happen, or thinking that it will all be over too soon. Exquisite torture! I'm so glad the island is making you write this stuff. I can't get enough!

  11. Anonymous10:51 AM

    um... obsess much?

    a closet, 32 yr old Harry Potter fanatic

  12. Obsession is such a strong word.

  13. I'll admit. I was one of the 8 who wanted Harry to die. Not because I hate Harry and wanna be a Death Eater. But because it would have been more epic if he had been eradicated. Ok, maybe not eradicated. More like, martyred.Instead, I got some cheesy, predictable ending where everyone gets married to their high school sweetheart and they all have kids named after one another.


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