Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Lost

Yeah, that's right. I love Lost. It is very good and I want to talk about it. There will probably be spoilers. So, ALERT. Before I get into it may I say that while there is and always will be a lot of trash and smut on TV (and I can't even think of a funny example because I simply don't watch what I don't think is good--that's the incredible thing about TV, you choose what and when you watch) there is some very innovative, smart, and good stuff happening on TV.

But don't take my word for it. Read this. And I did say read because it is possible to read some of the time and watch TV some of the time. I'm NOT getting defensive. Or ask published author, Frank Delaney. I told him (because we're buds) the way he messes with the narrative structure in his latest book makes it really cool and modern and then I asked him if he watched much TV and he said he did and that he agreed with me and said he loves TV and thinks that whatever is going on in TV and film impacts the way he constructs a dramatic scene in a novel. That reminded me of Kavalier and Clay when they see Citizen Kane and it blows their minds and gives them an idea and an aesthetic for presenting story lines in the comic they are writing. Personally I never really "got" what was so great about Citizen Kane but when I realized that the flashbacks were a totally new and awesome thing it finally made sense. And I was all, it's just like Lost flashing forward. And sideways. It's complicated and cool and interesting and clever.

Don't get me wrong, Lost lost me there for about the last two seasons. It seemed like the story was getting away from the writers and it got a little dicey. But I admire them for committing to a final 6th season and deciding to give the show a proper ending instead of milking it for as many seasons as they could, adding new freaky unexplainable things just to perpetuate the show. It's a kind of integrity and it's not unlike Jerry Seinfeld going out on a high note--but let's all cross our fingers that the last Lost is better than the last Seinfeld.

Now let me just talk some more about Lost. It's coming down to a kind of good vs. evil plot which is always epic and meaningful (see my previous post). I think it's clear that Jacob isn't God and Fake-Locke (or "Flocke" as internet fans of which I am one call him) isn't the devil. Of course, in the Richard episode they called him the devil because in the context of Richard's Catholic belief system "the devil" made sense. I'm still expecting some kind of twist where Jacob isn't necessarily "good" because he does kind of cause bad things to happen by bringing these people to the island and he seems a little uncaring at times. Then again, have you ever heard of anyone causing bad things to happen to good people? Or requiring much where much was given? Or asking for people to believe in him without evidence?  But I don't know what will happen. Really, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

I mean, you kind of hope you know which side every one will pick but you just never know. Who thought Sayid would turn out to be an evil zombie henchman? I formed a theory early on in Lost and it was this: "I don't know what's going on but Sayid is always right." I was sad to see him trade his soul for a promise Flocke can't keep. Since the Sayid episode where he seemed condemned I've wondered if people were--even after "choosing" Flocke--beyond redemption. That is, could Sayid still change? It appears that he can. (Like Anakin!) And I think that is what Jack Shepherd might be there for. You know--"shepherd." One thing that is really great is the use of Hurley as a rhetorical device. He voices some of the funny and wacky concerns you'll see internet fans talking about. It let's the writers explain things and bring up questions. It also makes them seem like they don't take themselves too seriously. Even though what is happening on Lost is the very serious business of fate versus self-determination. Destiny versus free will. I don't know what makes me think it has philosophical implications. Other than the characters named after John Locke and David Hume.

I've been very generous as I've watched these final episodes. I know they can't resolve everything. I've agreed to give them the benefit of the doubt if they will just do their best to explain the big stuff. And they have. I just nod my head as I watch and think, "Good job, guys. That makes sense. Nice." In particular I enjoyed the crash of the Black Pearl and how similar it was to the crash of flight 815 which started us all on this crazy ride. Remember when we thought it was dinosaurs or something? Now we know those weird sounds were Flocke as smoke monster. I'll buy that for a dollar.

All of these last episodes have been great. My favorite was the Benjamin Linus episode. I like his character and I am interested in him. He seems like a really good actor to me. When he said that Flocke was the only one who would have him, and then walked back with Ilana and just awkwardly stood off to the side of Jack's group it made me cry in a way that giving birth to two boys and two girls in real life didn't. I am emotionally invested in these guys. I like that doing the right thing is making their sideways lives better. I like this story.

I don't know what will happen, but for the record I've always thought Kate and Sawyer should be together. Although his attachment and loyalty to the off-putting Juliet was moving. I really love Miles and, in particular, the Miles/Sawyer buddy bond. Unfortunately I think Miles will die. Incidentally I feel that Miles and Hurley both serve as arch angels or prophets who use their gift to commune with the dead to encourage people to believe. I think the destiny links are not always boy/girl. For example, Kate seems somehow linked to Claire. And who is Aaron? Does he somehow turn out to be a really evil guy in the future? Remember the warning from the fortune teller early in the show? That was one of my favorite issues. Now crazy Claire seems like the last person who should be around Aaron, but having faith in her and bringing her along may "restore" her and end up being the "right" thing for Kate to do. It's mind boggling. I love it.

What I am most curious about at the moment is this: Who is Jack's ex-sideways wife?  Who could it be? Will it be that lady from Modern Family? It's not Kate. I hope it's not Juliet because I hate her stern face and I hate her man walk. But if she's his divorce-destiny, whatever. I think his relationship with his son and half-sister might be the important thing there. Family is somehow relevant (Widmore/Penny/Sun/Jin/Ben/Alex/) along with true love and soul mates, which also seems relevant (Hurley/Libby/Charlie/Claire/Desmond/Penny/Daniel/Charlotte). I wonder what will happen and who will die. Because at this point no one is safe. The series is ending. Kate could keel over.

I know a lot of people gave up on Lost. Of all the times to give up! I feel sorry for those people.


  1. I, too, love "Lost," and last night's episode was fantastic. The high point, for me, was Jin and Sun finally reuniting. But was it just me, or did you think that funky fence on the beach was going to zap them before they could embrace?

  2. i'm in pre-mourning for when Lost is over. I told my husband that we'd start the seasons all over again, because what will fill the void? Nothing, I say.

  3. Have you read the theory online (based on the Season 6 promo Last Supper photo) that this season is following Easter Weekend? So far each 1/3 of the season has been one day on the island. I like to think that John Locke (in Jesus' position in the Last Supper photo) will be resurrected at the end and get to stay on the island and be the new Jacob. But really, I don't know what will happen either!

  4. Even though I've never loved Jin/Sun like some do, even I was happy and a little teary over there reuniting.
    I LOVED Jack in season 1, but I have hated Jack for a while. I am starting to love him again. He is redeeming himself on the island and in sideways world.
    I have to think that they will redeem John Locke. I have more sympathy for him than anyone else and I want him to be redeemed.
    The Ben episode has been my favorite this year too.
    I hate seeing Sayid like he is right now, but I think we are going to see that he comes back. He can't have really killed Desmond.
    I could go on, I'll shut up now.
    I wish I could watch the show with you.

  5. I am intrigued by Richard's question to Hurley last week, "did Jacob tell you what this island really is?"

    I want to know. I need to know.

    But, yes, there has been so much plot development and forward movement this season, that I feel like I can't get enough.

  6. Jared -- Last night my husband shouted "She's going to explode!" But then she didn't. So, yes.

    For about two episodes this season it looked like my lame theory, that they are in purgatory, was going to be right. But now I'm pretty sure that's not it. And I can't get over how some of the characters (Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, Claire,) have BETTER lives if the plane had never crashed and others (Charlie, Kate, Ben, Locke) have it worse. Is this some kind of a commentary on who the "good" people really are?

    When Desmond tried to take out Locke in his car, I tell you what, I got my mind blown.

  7. Wow, Kacy. I watched the episode online; I thought to myself, I want to talk about this episode with someone; I aimlessly wandered over to my Reader; this post was the only new one. You are so relevant to me.

    I am sort of infatuated with how smart you are. And I still want to start a book club with you.

  8. This is my first time commenting on your blog - I came here when LRS ended.

    It was interesting to read your thoughts on LOST. I have been quite frustrated of late with the lack of answers, but reading your post made me realize some things are being answered, slowly and subtlely.

    I did love it when Jin and Sun were reunited. That's a fun story line for us, because my husband served his mission in Korea and then we served as mission president there. It's fun to hear/critique the Korean dialogue. The actor who plays Jin didn't speak Korean when the show began and he's improved a lot over time.

    It has been an interesting ride with LOST and I know we'll miss it when it's over.

  9. Marcy,
    I've seen the Last Supper photo and I think it is very clever. John Locke seems like the obvious choice to resurrect and stay on the island and take Jacob's place. I'm cool with him staying dead though--sacrifices have to be made.

    I felt happy for Jin and Sun. They are really the only in tact family and I don't think any of them will die.

  10. I thought Jacob revealed "what the island really is" by describing it as the cork that keeps evil Locke at bay. Maybe (hopefully?) there is more to it.

    Essentially, Nat the Fat Rat, the island IS purgatory as it serves as some kind of way station where people are judged. Also, bad spirits like Michael are trapped there. So I think your theory is right.

    I'm a big fan of Jack. John Locke is the zealot, Hurley has blind faith, Sawyer's the renegade (with heart), Sayid is Porter Rockwell, but Jack is everyman. He just is. He's totally relatable. And who can forget him as hang dog Charlie on Party of 5!

  11. There's no way Sayid killed Desmond. That would be a pretty bleak comment on the human condition.

  12. And by the way, even though I said in a previous post that I would be a comic book villain if I could because they are pretty interesting and cool, I like to think that I would never no never no never let fake John Locke even talk to me in real life or in Lost life.

  13. I agree, there's no way that Desmond is dead. He's the key to the whole story, I'm convinced of that. And the one rule of TV that Lost has not, can not, and will not break is that thou shalt NOT kill a main character in off camera action. I told my wife that last week when he went down the well.

  14. i have so much to say. first of all, i'm really glad (only this time) that you have a limited preview in your RSS feed because you warned of spoilers. i still don't forgive you for leaking that charlie died without giving a spoiler alert. second, i agree with everyone here and then some. third, do you read doc jensen's commentary? that man has too much free time on his hands to watch the show AND analyze it with commentary and footnotes citing things i've never read/watched. fourth, i wish that zoe chick (crazy widmore woman) would get blown up already. i wished it on ilana and my wish came true, so i think i've got something going here. fifth, penny + desmond are my inspiration. sixth, now jin + sun are too. sigh. a love that transcends time too. seventh, i'm done here.

  15. Reading this post was like watching a Lost episode.

    I too thought Jin and Sun were going to get their ears blasted off when they went through the fence.

    I have watched every season and still need the pop-up video recap every week. Darn you Dancing with the Stars!

  16. Ben's line "because no one else will have me"=the most powerful moment on television EVER in my opinion. He deserves an emmy for that one.

  17. I'm intrigued that Desmond called Flocke John Locke. I think there's something there.

  18. I love lost and found this post very insightful. I love finding the "easter eggs" throughout the show. Have you ever listened to the lost podcast? The creators of the show answer emails, etc. I haven't listened for a season or two but I bet they are still at it.

    My favorite love story is Penny and Desmond. I thought he was indestructible? Or was it just to shocks and well throwings?

  19. I think my theory is dang close, but I think I was wrong in that none of the survivors are actually "dead." They get off the island, they exist to people around them, etc. So even if the island is a hell plug and Jacob/NotLocke are playing the God/Devil roles, the Oceanic survivors are still survivors, they're still living. In the first seasons I really thought they had all died in the crash but were living in a sort of in-between until they could work out their various issues and go to where ever they were meant to go for eternity. I must have been on to something, but every time I think I've figured it out they pull a fast one on me.

    Like, what if Whidmore is going to turn out to be the "good" guy?? What then??

  20. I think Charles Whidmore IS good. At least, not evil--though he may be somewhat self-interested.

  21. I'm fascinated by the people who can see both their sideways lives and their island lives. Desmond being one of them. Can Sun? She reacted when she was John Locke in the hospital, does anyone know why? Did she meet him in the sideways?

    Yeah, there is no way that Desmond is dead, and if anything, Desmond's interaction with Sayid could be the building block to bringing Sayid back from the baddies. However, if they put Sayid in the forever bad camp, I'm fine with that--his character arc has been completed for a long time.

    I also agree that I've never quit accepted Jacob as entirely good, and the Enemy has entirely bad. Although the writers have certainly pushed us in that direction this season.

  22. OH YES! When Benjamin Linus said that nobody else would have him, my heart broke. That was some good acting! I love his character. Every week I feel like I understand a little more, but again understand even less. Very mixed emotions about it all ending. It will be nice to finally have that "a ha!" moment of understanding everything, but so sad for it to be over.

    And yes, there is no way Desmond is dead.

  23. Who the heck is that boy dressed in "other" garb who follows Flocke around in the jungle? Any theories?

  24. I've thought he was some sort of reincarnated Jacob.

  25. I love this discussion so much! I like that I don't know what will happen in "the end" (which I suspect they will leave open ended.)

    I think Desmond is bringing everyone together and I think (in the sideways reality) that Daniel F. and his mother will play a larger role in bringing everyone (or seeing/observing everyone) come together for their "final destiny."

    I can't wait to find out who Jack's ex-wife is. They better show her to me, so help me.

    I, too, think that Charles W. is good, really, although self interested.

    I'm waiting to know Aaron's destiny, though. I want him to be important because I believed that fortune teller who told Claire not to let anyone else raise him!! (Remember when we thought that meant "the others?" We were so young and naive back then!)

  26. I am really enjoying this post and all comments.

    About Aaron; Remember when FLocketold Kate he had a crazy mother too? i think Aaron will be the next smoke monster.

    I absolutely love Jack, but i still want one of those shirts saying "Sawyer can call me freckles anytime"

  27. Yeah, Doc Jensen and I think the boy is (the ghost of) Jacob and the dead people who talk to Hurley are all the smoke monster, convincing him to do his evil bidding.

    I like to think about how complex this show is and how confusing it must be for people who don't watch to hear others talk about it.

  28. I don't know who the boy is. Jacob? Man in Black as a kid? Aaron?

    I just read Lindelof say that resolving the sideways world (what/when/why) with the island world is the whole thing, in the end. He says, "Now the characters don't know of the existence of the alternate world but what would happen if they DID know?" That is why Desmond is shaking things up.

    I have wondered whether "remembering" alternate worlds will empower them to make a sacrifice on the island in order to improve their sideways lives.

    I think when Jack completes surgery on sideways John Locke we will see him "arise and walk" which will tie in nicely to the Easter theme. I kind of think Bad John Locke will stay bad. I think good/real John Locke made the sacrifice when Ben killed him and now he has earned a good-walking-married-to-Helen sideways life. But I think "infected" people should be able to make a come back.

    Some people think the sideways world is a life that happens after people on the island make a deal with bad John Locke--that it is a counterfeit world a la the Matrix. I hope that's not what it is. I hope everyone has a purpose and that they fulfill it to keep evil at bay. Because that's what I do every day.

  29. how is it possible that i have a label on my blog devoted to "lost" and i've never gotten a comment on any of my posts?

  30. Hannah, Your Lost posts get a lot of comments in the sideways world.

  31. Love the Lost talk, but I gotta say, I'm a fan of Juliet. And I'm enjoying V too.

  32. Shelley, I think we'll both be happy if Sawyer and Juliet end up in a coffee shop together. She bugs me, but I don't mind the idea of her for Sawyer.

  33. I could talk about LOST all the live long day.

    Here's my current two cents -- I don't think that the roles of good and evil are cut and dried. I mean, it was the Smoke Monster (fake John Locke) who killed Mr. Eko and I always thought of him as a good guy despite all of the yucky stuff he was sometimes involved in.

    And Jacob was the impetus for so very much of the bad, bad, bad things that Ben did.

    I think the ending is going to be about finally seperating the wheat from the tares. Final Judgement.

    But who is the judge?


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