Friday, July 02, 2010

A Barrel of You--Blog Soundtrack

I've been working on this playlist for a while. It's for you to listen to while you read my blog. Need to get caught up on a few Lost posts? Sit back. Relax. Press play and let the digital dominate your life, for once. These songs are for you from me or for you about me or mood music for my posts or just songs I love. See annotations below if you are interested. In a perfect world you would be interested and I would play songs I like for you all day and talk about them.

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The first song is dedicated to you, my friends. Next up we have a sentimental little ditty which describes my secret sentimental heart. Then we have a Johnnny Cash song. If you substitute "girl" for "boy," and "Sack" for "Sue" you'll know all you need to know about me. Just kidding. Or am I?

After that you'll hear "The Whole of the Moon" by the Waterboys. I have no idea what it's about but I love it and kind of assume everyone agrees that it is one of the best songs ever. When it comes on I just look around sheepishly thinking "How can we contain ourselves when we hear this wonderful song? Why don't we all just let go and start singing?" It's kind of surprising when I realize that everyone doesn't feel how I feel about it. I'm over selling it now, even. Next you'll hear Prince singing "I Would Die for You." Prince is awesome. How does he manage to pull off sexy? He's 4 feet tall and womanish. And yet. I would die for you--especially when you leave comments.

Then we have my favorite Killers song. I love it. It kind of reminds me of us. Or anything else I love. Because I love it. "Sand and Ice" by Fanfarlo is another song I don't understand. The last few lines, however, seem relevant to blogging: "I'm no worse than the rest but I'm easily impressed. You've seen my file." Because guys--you've totally seen my file.

I've included my favorite Doors song, "Peace Frog." My high school boyfriend told me it's about Jim Morrison's girlfriend getting an abortion and for all I know that's true. So it's not exactly for you or about me or involved with blogging in any way but holla at cha' Jim Morrison, it rules. Don't think about it too much. It's what I want you to listen to while you read this. Just do it.

The Julian Casablancas song, "Out of the Blue" just seems fitting for all my posts. Maybe because he sings about how exacting vengeance gives excitement? He gets me, I think. Even though he's a shade crasser than I am. For those of you with questions about my religion, I give you "Goody Two Shoes." It's all you need to know about Mormons. Just kidding. Or am I?

"Special Brew" is another song dedicated to you. Listen. It's a special message from me to you. Then you'll hear "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap which I like but can not sing along to no matter what. See if you can. It's composed entirely of notes I can't hit.  And then of course I end on an obvious note.  Obvious is underrated.


  1. Whole of the Moon is one of the best songs ever. EVER.

    And this is a really good mix.

  2. Johnny Cash - the Killers - Adam Ant....finally, someone with as eclectic (psycho)tastes in music as me :)

    Just wish I had even a smidge of your ability to remember, recall, come up with all these songs! I just remember them when I hear them...or when someone points them out, again - so, thanks!

    and, gee - you should so grow up to be a DJ :)

  3. and, aahhhh - how could I forget about Prince? Love. Him. always have.......totally agree on the sexy part - unexplainable, and yet, so true.

  4. I have a little thing for Elvis. I saw him in concert once and was smitten. Like instantly.

    And Prince's "Kiss" is totally on my workout playlist.

  5. Oh! And She & Him's "magic Trick" is fun to sing along with. Try it.

  6. Hi Kacy,

    Lisa here. I've commented before. I'm a fan and your sister Heidi's old roommate. You'd like me. Just ask Heidi. She'll vouch.

    Anyway, this is what I'm listening to and watching over and over:

    And you'll like it because after about the 27th listen you'll start hearing very distinct shades of Prince's "i would die 4 u" in the vocals. True story. I would not steer you wrong. (Again, Heidi will vouch. She's a voucher.)


  7. Hey Kacy -

    I gave you an award over on my blog. Check it out:

    Have a fabulous 4th!

  8. Sigh. . . you've done it again. GREAT playlist full of meaning and heart. And I like this spontaneous award thing. You should be winning more awards.

  9. Here's why I love "The Whole of the Moon." It's one of those unusual songs with excellent music AND poetry, and they match.

    The music is big, bold, inspirational, triumphant. BANG the piano. Sing without much melody, but tons of feeling. Add orchestra. Add swoony female vocals. Add TRUMPETS! Noise! Celebrate! Add cannon!

    And the lyrics. Oh! I want to be that person, and if I can't, I want to know that person. Is it Jesus? Ghandi? Nelson Mandela? A lover? She is visionary, insightful, prophetic, courageous. She inhales the grandeur of the universe--from the comfort of her room--and is happy to share it with you.

    How about the meter? Not many musicians could make "I saw the rain-dirty valley" match "You saw Brigadoon." But it works. And both occupy the same measure as "I sighed" and "You swooned." And they work too. Try not doing a slow head-bang to the words, "Flags, rags, ferryboats/Scimitars and scarves."

    Probably underneath it all, I'm trying too hard to justify liking a song that includes the words "rainbow" and "unicorns," but there it is.

  10. i just say that I'm a fan and your sister Heidi's old roommate. You'd like me. Just ask Heidi. She'll vouch. thanx for posting.


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