Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Books I read in August: 2010

I read some great books in August. I tweeted compliments to my favorite authors and none of them tweeted me back or followed me. And yet, someone called Nice Try, Stalker is following me. Why does the world work like this?

The first book I read this month was Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. 

This is now one of my favorite books. Abraham Verghese is a doctor and the medical commentary in this book is fascinating. He talks about how certain diseases have smells--which is sick. But I have always wondered if doctors diagnosed by smell because I can always tell when my kids are sick by how they smell. The book is about doctors and a set of twins in Ethiopia. The twin boys always sleep with their heads together. That reminds me of how Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen are always leaning on each other, which I think is adorable. (Maybe they are just weak.) You might read this book and be surprised that I would recommend it when I was so traumatized by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo--it has a lot of gynecology in it. But it's clinical instead of sadistic. I guess that's the difference. It reminds me of John Irving. There were quirky details and the story was moving and meaningful to me because the characters reconcile their unusual family life and make peace with their absent father. I don't really know why I found it meaningful though because I have no plans to make peace with my absent father. Kidding!

Then I read two books by Rob Sheffield. I love Rob Sheffield now and wish we were friends. But I know we won't ever be friends and that makes me sad. Nice try, Stalker. Truly. Talking to Girls about Duran Duran is really fun and good. I don't know if you will like it though--it's sort of just a list of songs and stuff about videos and the 80s and how Rob Sheffield didn't date much. Poor Rob.

 Love is a Mix Tape is even better. Rob's wife died suddenly after they were married for 5 years. They were married around the same time Christian and I got married. They were poor students with no kids, just like were were for the first 4 years of our marriage in the 90s. This book resonated with me. It's all about playlists. I don't know if you know this about me but I love to make playlists or "mix tapes." I don't really like doing anything else as much as I like making playlists. Sometimes when I talk to my mom or a friend I think, "Oh, I had something really exciting to tell you!" And when I remember what it is it's just my playlist that I'm working on--it seems like an exciting activity that people would want to hear about. But they don't. And they shouldn't. It's OK. Some people are into music and some people aren't. I'm into it. It effects me pretty seriously. I don't claim to be into cool music. But the music I like does make me happy, and sometimes sad. I wish I were a rock star. Rock stars are cool.

Only one thing is cooler--Superheroes! Especially the reluctant, noble, spidery type.

I wish I were a super hero, but mostly I want to be a super hero's girlfriend. Although it would be hard sometimes because villains would use me as bait. Spider-Man Blue is Peter Parker's valentine to Gwen Stacy, the woman he loved first and best. Gwen died, just like Rob Sheffield's wife. Rob Sheffield is remarried now and of course Peter Parker went on to find love with Mary Jane. Life goes on.

I am planning to read more books in September.


  1. Oh, this blog!!


    It's like I've been wandering around looking for the perfect place to lay down my picnic blanket...

    ...and there you were.

    The perfect blog for me.

    (Well, it's still *yours*. I just want to stop by and have a sandwich once in a while. mmkay?)


    NOT your "Nice Try, Stalker" follower (even though I sound like one.)

  2. Rebecca F.1:24 AM

    I read love is a mix tape a few years ago. I think the author is better at writing articles than books, however, I was still blown away with the tragic love story and appreciated the music that guided me through their lives.

  3. I appreciate your playlists. A good playlist is hard to make. I used to make a mixed tape every summer, which included list-making and pondering and trips to the local Wherehouse, as well as used music stores to get out of print stuff, and even to this seedy store in downtown phoenix where I could go in a secret back room and buy bootlegs. Once someone I didn't know asked me for copies of my tapes.

    You know who else made a good mix? Ben of Ben and Hailey. I recall one from about 1993 called "Salmon eggs." Or maybe only one side was called salmon eggs? Either way, it was genius.

  4. And you can feel 100% confident preferring Spider-Man because Bono does too.

  5. I read both the Rob Sheffield books last month too. I found myself reading with a huge grin on my face because I got such a kick out of all the music.

  6. I find the lack of comments here disturbing, after the manner that Darth Vader finds the lack of things disturbing.


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