Saturday, November 27, 2010

Having Older KIds is a Genuine Treat

There's a widow in our ward who recently met someone nice online and married him. Then she found out she has cancer and her prognosis is not good.

My son Sam commented sentimentally, "They are just like Rose and Bernard." They are. And that is exactly the kind of TV--Real World parallel I enjoy talking and thinking about.

I never could relate to baby hunger with it's references to "cheek-munching" and "toe-nibbling." But Sam's comment warms the cockles of my stony mother-heart.
Sam and Mom=Cutest Friends


  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    That is very cute. My mom always enjoyed her teenagers, and I find that I'm enjoying my one teenager so far.

    At the same time, though, not craving the nibbling of baby toes is something I can't relate to. (Come to think of it, baby adoration is one of the things my teen and I most agree on.)

  2. Awww... taking a picture with his mom on her sick bed.

  3. You look so small and petite next to your tall son!

  4. And it gets better as they get older - although there is a rough patch or two as the teen years advance.

    Then they are young adults and you have a plethora of new friends!

  5. I love the conversations I have with my older kids.
    We have great discussions or inside jokes that come from shows we have watched or books we have read. (Agreeing with you about Harry Potter in your next post).
    I really miss those conversations with my oldest, who is on a mission now. Now I so look forward to her letters and emails, which are filled with little bits of writing that are like these kinds of conversation.

  6. I enjoy my kids more as they get older too...babies are darling, but exhausting and hard to have a meaningful conversation with.


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