Wednesday, December 08, 2010

List of Recurring Bad Dreams

This is a list of recurring bad dreams I've been having for years. I had the Mall Dream last night. I don't know what any of it means.

1. I am in high school or college and it's the end of the year and I realize I haven't been going to math all year and I can't remember my locker combination.Typical.

2. I give birth to a tiny inch-long worm-like baby that fails to thrive. Heartbreaking.

3. I have to go to the bathroom but the only ones available lack privacy and are clogged and overflowing with sewage. "Bad dreams about clogged toilets" is one of my favorite Google searches that someone has used to find my blog. (My all-time favorite Google search is "pantyhose all day stink."

4. I'm in a mall and I get lost in an area that is closed and scary and takes a long time to get out of or I walk out of the mall and I'm in a strange place, a Lego city, or Europe. I have to walk home and I don't know the way. It's surprisingly frightening. I have this mall dream all the time and I often confuse the layout of the dream mall with the real mall. There is always a certain wing to avoid (like how Mervyns is closed and vacant now at the University mall) but I always end up in that wing with lots of tarps and scaffolding and it's an evil place. Dreadful.

5. I develop a large, fleshy, sometimes vein-y, moldy, mushroom-like  lump or growth on my head. This is the most hideous dream I have. I hate it. I even hate writing about it. I'm making myself sick right now. In addition to being shameful and grotesque, I fear that it is a manifestation of my body diagnosing itself with a brain tumor.


  1. ok, so why is the high school one ALWAYS math class and locker combo? cause I have that exact same bad dream.......ugh

  2. mommymel3:52 PM

    my recurring dreams include the "didn't go to class all semester and now I have a test" one (I HATE this dream) and the one I had last night (and frequently have) that there are unexplored extra rooms in my house. A huge area that would be great for renovating and renting out, or an upper family room area with cozy sofas and a big tv, etc. Or that bonus closet with clothes in my kids sizes. Not a bad dream, but recurring nonetheless.

  3. So funny!

    I too have dreams about missing math class for an entire semester and wake up covered in sweat.

    I also have a similar dream #3.

    Very strange.

  4. Okay, it's college math that I haven't attended all semester and the day of the final I forget where the class is...Oh wait, that was actually reality rearing its ugly head.
    You forgot to mention the teeth dream- the one where all your teeth start getting loose and falling out one at a time. It can only be stopped by a visit to the dentist. And then its only temporarily stopped.

  5. pantyhose all day stink? Ha ha ha.

  6. I have the same college/high school dream, except I always know my locker combo. Pants are optional.

  7. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting this. I can totally relate. I have the same one about forgetting to go to class all semester. Strange.

  8. I can't even count how many times I've had the clogged toilet one. And we're not talking just clogged. I mean, overflowing with toilet paper, poo chunks, and pee soup. Gross, right?

  9. I have had the high school/college dream and also the mall dream.

  10. I have "can't find my locker/class" dreams, "clogged/unusable toilet" dreams, and unusable/scary/weird elevator dreams.

  11. Here's one more reader that has the high school class issue. With mine, it's you've got to come back and finish 4 credits of some subject and then I'm like, "oh I'm so not going to fit in" but then I'm really like, "hey I graduated from college people, so you high school official can just get bent".

    I also always seem to be dreaming about someone famous that I'm with in my dreams but as they play out, that person changes to just some old plain accquaintance that I know. Wonder what that means? I'm not happening enough to keep the famous person in my dream? One time that famous person was David Hasselhof, so that seems unlikely.


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