Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's Post

What have I been up to, you ask? Just stuff. I received many concerned texts several weeks ago when the church dissolved my calling worldwide. It came as quite a blow but--let's be honest--I would have burned out on Activities Committee sooner or later. It's how I like to end everything I start.

So the Ward Christmas Dinner was our last hurrah. There were a lot of potatoes. Specifically, there were 300 potatoes. 

 I wore my tool belt. It's rad.

Oriental Trading Company played an important part. They always do, don't they? Oriental traders are good people.
 It took all day to set up--but it was no big deal. Is 88 oz of Diet Coke a big deal?
 We used colored lights this year. My friend Jill bought 29 strands with her own money--not church funds--so don't get all up in arms and think the Activities Committees should be dissolved.
 My cell phone takes amazing pictures. It's kind of like my very own personal photographer who shows up at my events and generally follows me around taking pictures of my life. Kind of!
It was tiring. I couldn't move my neck the next day. But it was fun. If you're into that sort of thing. Some people aren't.

I spent months making the ward slideshow. Some of that time was spent stealing pictures off of people's Facebook pages in my ward. I don't expect you to watch the whole thing, but if you do you'll notice there's no music for the second half.  (The 2nd song is God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by The Bare Naked Ladies). Thank goodness it worked at the party--no small task considering I did sound, computer, projector, microphone, and extension cords all by myself because Christian was out of town. I'm surprised I wasn't translated when it all started playing correctly! I have to say I was underwhelmed with my ward's response to the slideshow. I mean, I knew it wouldn't change anyone's life but actually that is exactly what I thought it would do. Then again, perhaps my ward was underwhelmed by the creepiness of me stealing their personal photos off of Facebook. Who can say?

And with that, the Activities Committee was gone.


  1. If I'd been there, I would have loved your slideshow - especially if you had good pictures of me!!

    I know what you mean about being "underwhelmed" by folks' reactions to something you've thought would really thrill them.

    That's the price we pay in the church. (It happens at baby, bridal showers and receptions too. And Christmas.)

  2. Just curious - do you happen to have a playlist to comfort readers mourning the tabernacle?

  3. I was very worried about you, actually. I texted Eckton with concern.

    But now you can be a ward missionary!

  4. That version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is my favorite. Looks fabulous, as always.

  5. I can't believe all you did for the ward party! You definitely didn't burn out on this one. If I were in charge of activities committee (which I'm not, not will I ever be apparently) we'd have paper plate and sprinkles of red white and green M&Ms in the center of the tables. That's it. I'm pretty good at this kind of thing huh! Anyway back to you... good job!

  6. I went to our ward party and it was decorated so lamely--not a light in sight. I kept thinking the whole time, "Kacy could do so much better than this."

  7. Gotta love those oriental traders. You crack me up.

  8. I could write a post almost exactly like this one except I didn't take any pictures! And I had more helpers than you (mostly because I am sick and prego and they felt guilty). There would be the part where the RSprez promised me there were 14 white tablecloths and there were 2 and my whole "Winter Wonderland" silver-and-white theme was up in smoke, so we raided the RS closet and found tons of awesome lime green and red bulbs wuth coordinating table cloths, PLUS huge garlands of snowflakes,and improvised some rockin' decor. MY slideshow, however, made people cry. Maybe it was The Lower Lights' "Come Ye Children of the Lord" with the kids at the ward campout last summer...I don't know, but they gushed. Surprising. Thanks for your music tips earlier this year. The soundtrack was a crowd pleaser, too. Wham plus MoTab= success. Anyway, congrats on the big finish. Good luck in the nursery.

  9. Rainer12:43 AM

    For the record -- that was a fantastic Christmas party! And the slideshow was nothing short of amazing. But, it was also a reminder of some dear friends we lost during the year, either due to them moving out, or due to them passing on. Personally, I really enjoyed it, and it touched me greatly. But, yes, the response to it was very ... "mellow".

  10. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Wow, you have a big ward, just by looking at the cultural hall! Good job.

    We missed our Christmas party due to snow. Grumble.


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