Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Love is Weird and Sometimes Gross

Valentine's Day is this month and I wish you unconditional, unreserved, unabashed, fully-requited love. This playlist, however, is here to remind you that sometimes things don't work out like you planned.

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  1. Oh - You left out Leaving on a Jet Plane :(.

    I'd take either the John Denver or Peter, Paul & Mary version.

  2. You are always the queen of the playlist. I posted a valentine's playlist on my blog, but now I'm regretting not taking the heartbreak angle. Damn you love songs!

  3. Sinead! Gladys! Oh yeah!

  4. I don't know why but that Chairlift song has been in my head for days every morning when I get ready. I haven't heard it in years and I actually kind of don't like it. I hate the way they say "frozen strawburries". I can't decide if it is New York hip or indie rock hip. Other than that one the list looks good, except for Sting. I think guys are intimidated by that whole tantric thing. Did I mention that I am often accused of music snobbery?

  5. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Four songs from my people--even George. I didn't go completly wrong after all. You make me proud.


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